acısını çıkarmak

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Турецкий язык - Английский Язык
pay back
be revenged
compensate oneself for
pay out
pay off
get even with
serve smb. out
have one's revenge
1. to take away the hot, bitter, or biting taste of (a food). 2. to make up for, compensate for. 3. to make (someone) suffer for, make (someone) pay for (a wrong)
to be/get even (with sb), to vent sth on sb/sth, to have/get one's own back on
take revenge for
compansate oneself for
serve somebody out
be get even with
get even
get one's own back on
(Dilbilim) avenge oneself on
(Gıda) even with
pay off old scores
have one's own back
get equal with smb
get one's own back
acısını çıkarma
kuyruk acısını çıkarmak
to square accounts (with)
acısını çıkarmak