ab initio

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Refers to the time from when a legal document comes into force
university Refers to a course taken with no prior qualifications
Refers to calculations from first principles, that is from basic laws without any further additional assumptions
From the Latin: from the beginning In modeling refers to models devised without experimental data?
A Latin phrase meaning "from the beginning " A transaction or document from its inception
Latin for "from the beginning "
Formulated without experimental data Latin From the beginning
Latin for "from scratch" or "from first principles" Means that all results are based on solutions of Schroedinger's Equation and the wavefunction(s) used No empirical data is used
Molecular orbital Calculations which use all the molecular orbitals in a calculation, not just the valence electron orbitals Absolute configuration The way, in 3-dimensional space, in which 4 different substituents are arranged off a chiral carbon This can only be determined by X-ray Crystallography However other compounds which can be related to one with known configuration, by syntheses where there are no changes at a chiral centre, bcan also be assigned an absolute configuration
at the beginning; "at first he didn't notice anything strange"
(Latin) from the beginning
Latin: from the start
[Latin, from the beginning] used in situations regarding the validity of will, deed, or other legal document
from the beginning
ab initio

    Турецкое произношение

    eybi înîtiō


    /ˈāˈbē əˈnətēō/ /ˈeɪˈbiː ɪˈnɪtiːoʊ/


    [ 'ab ] (noun.) 1983. From Latin ab (“from”) + initiō, ablative singular of initium (“beginning”).

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