listen to the pronunciation of wind-down
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To slow; to become calmer or less busy

The festival seems to be winding down now.

relax; get rid of stress

After a long day at work, she winds down by kickboxing.

Lower by winding something

Wind down the car window if you want to talk to me.

(of a clockwork mechanism) gradually lose power
(also wind something down) draw or bring gradually to a close
informal - relax
If you wind down, you relax after doing something that has made you feel tired or tense. I regularly have a drink to wind down. = unwind
When you wind down something such as the window of a car, you make it move downwards by turning a handle. Glass motioned to him to wind down the window If a stranger stops you, just wind the window down a fraction. wind up
relax, unwind, rest; become gradually slower until reaching a total halt; lessen in intensity gradually until ending completely
If someone winds down a business or activity, they gradually reduce the amount of work that is done or the number of people that are involved, usually before closing or stopping it completely. Foreign aid workers have already begun winding down their operation In 1991 the Ada plant began to wind down