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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
soaked with water
in danger of sinking because of excess water onboard
{a} full of water, inactive, yielding to the waves
Filled or saturated with water so as to be heavy, unmanageable, or loglike; said of a vessel, when, by receiving a great quantity of water into her hold, she has become so heavy as not to be manageable by the helm
Refers to soil that is saturated as a result of excessive rainfall, over-watering, or proximity to a water source, and which often drains very slowly
soaked with moisture; "a soggy lawn"; "the flood left waterlogged fields"
Something such as soil or land that is waterlogged is so wet that it cannot absorb any more water, so that a layer of water remains on its surface. The match is off because of a waterlogged pitch
Waterlogging refers to the condition of a soil where a state of impeded drainage exists and which may lead to the formation of gley soils
the saturation of a soil with water for so long that plants cannot grow
1 A condition of land where the groundwater stands at a level detrimental to plants It may result from over irrigation, seepage or inadequate drainage 2 Saturated with water A soil condition with a high or a perched water table; detrimental to plant growth
{s} soggy; saturated with water
To make (a boat, for example) heavy and unwieldy by flooding with water
To saturate with water and make soggy or unusable
to saturate something with water
to make a boat heavy and in danger of sinking by flooding with water
{f} fill with water, soak with water; be soaked with water; be filled with water