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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Askeri) video işlemcisi (video processor)
{k} vice-president
vice president
(Kanun,Ticaret) başkan vekili
vice president
genel başkan yardımcısı
verb phrase
verb phrase
(Dilbilim) eylem dizilimi
verb phrase
(Dilbilim) eylem öbeği
vice president
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
verb phrase
Vice President (of the United States)
vice president
{i} deputy to the president
the abbreviation of vice president
The highest-order logical address in ATM It refers to a given group of circuits on a link
virtual path One of two types of ATM circuits identified by a VPI A virtual path is a bundle of virtual circuits, all of which are switched across a network based on a common VPI See also VPI
The Danish Securities Centre, abbreviated VP in Danish secures electronic book entries of the trade in and the deposit of listed securities
A unidirectional logical association or bundle of VCs
Virtual Path A concept used to describe unidirectional transport of ATM cells belonging to virtual channels that are associated by a common identifier value
Virtual Path: A unidirectional logical association or bundle of VCs
VANPOOL SUBSIDY - Employer pays or reimburses their employees who vanpool to work
Virtual Path
abbreviation for victory points
Vertical polarization