vox pop

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A short, informal, non-prearranged interview with a member of the public, especially to canvas opinion

The reporter got some vox pops in the city square to see what people thought of the country's new flag.

In a radio or television programme, a vox pop is an item consisting of a series of short interviews with ordinary members of the public. opinions expressed by ordinary people when they are asked questions about a particular subject during a television, radio, or newspaper report
{i} (British usage) vox populi, popular opinion, public opinion
vox pops
plural form of vox pop
vox pop

    التركية النطق

    väks päp


    /ˈväks ˈpäp/ /ˈvɑːks ˈpɑːp/

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    () * Abbreviation from Latin vox populi.

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