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To rival (something), etc

But, if there be, or ever were, one such, / It's past the size of dreaming: nature wants stuff / To vie strange forms with fancy; yet, to imagine / An Antony, were nature's piece 'gainst fancy, / Condemning shadows quite.

To rival; to struggle for superiority; to contend; to compete eagerly so as to gain something

Political parties are always vying with one another to get the most attention.

to contend
{v} to contest, contend, strive, rival, invite
A contest for superiority; competition; rivalry; strife; also, a challenge; a wager
compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others
If one person or thing is vying with another for something, the people or things are competing for it. California is vying with other states to capture a piece of the growing communications market Four rescue plans are vying to save the zoo In hospitals, business plans vie with patients for doctors' attention The two are vying for the support of New York voters. = compete. to compete very hard with someone in order to get something vie for (envier , from invitare; INVITE)
To stake a sum upon a hand of cards, as in the old game of gleek
To do or produce in emulation, competition, or rivalry; to put in competition; to bandy
To stake; to wager
{f} contend, compete
To strive for superiority; to contend; to use emulous effort, as in a race, contest, or competition
c'est la vie
that's life, such is life
life estate pur autre vie
An estate in land which is given by a grantor to a party only for the duration of the life of a third party, and for which ownership will revert to another upon the death of that third party

Example: Joe gives property to Mike for the life of Bob; Joe has created a life estate pur autre vie for Mike, but when Bob dies, the property automatically reverts to Joe.

life estates pur autre vie
plural form of life estate pur autre vie
C'est la vie
{ü} (French) "that's life", "such is life", "that is fate" or "that's how things happen
eau de vie
A fruit brandy that comes in a variety of flavors Back
eau de vie
Any and all spirits distilled from fermented fruits, beginning with wine-based Cognac and armagnac
eau de vie
Translated from the French, eau-de-vie means "water of life " It is an alcohol distillate that is rich with taste, flavor, and aroma The French use the expression "eau-de-vie" as a generic term for all brandies It is unlikely, however, that you will hear Cognac and Armagnac ordered in this manner
eau de vie
Brandy A French translation of the Latin aqua vitæ (water of life) This is a curious perversion of the Spanish acqua di vitæ (water or juice of the vine), rendered by the monks into aqua vitæ instead of aqua vitis, and confounding the juice of the grape with the alchemists' elixir of life The same error is perpetuated in the Italian acqua vite; the Scotch whisky, which is the Celtic uisc-lyf; and the Irish usquebaugh, which is the Gaelic and Irish uisgæ-beatha (See Aqua Vitae )
eau de vie
Aqua vitæ, under Aqua
eau de vie
{i} (French) strong brandy
eau de vie
strong coarse brandy
eau de vie
French name for brandy
eau de vie
past of vie
third-person singular of vie
Vying is the present participle of vie. the present participle of vie
present participle of vie
from Vie
writers vie
sense of competition that develops between people of the same profession