true blue

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Patriotic for Australia; thoroughly Australian
indubitably loyal or faithful

He was a true blue supporter, and would not listen to what he supposed to be the lies of the opposition.

true, devoted, loyal; conservative
Alternative spelling of true blue
A true-blue supporter of something is someone who is very loyal and reliable
If you describe someone as true-blue, you mean that they are right-wing in their ideas and opinions. Her husband is a true blue Tory
marked by unswerving loyalty; "a true-blue American"; "a reliable true-blue country club conservative
Of inflexible honesty and fidelity; a term derived from the true, or Coventry, blue, formerly celebrated for its unchanging color
See True blue, under Blue
A person of inflexible integrity or fidelity
true blue


    true Blue

    التركية النطق

    tru blu


    /ˈtro͞o ˈblo͞o/ /ˈtruː ˈbluː/

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    [ 'trü ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English trewe, from Old English trEowe faithful; akin to Old High German gitriuwi faithful, Old Irish derb sure, and probably to Sanskrit dAruna hard, dAru wood; more at TREE.

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