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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} mali işler sorumlusu
{i} hazine sorumlusu
{i} hazinedar
(Ticaret) sayman üye
(Ticaret) baş mali yönetici
treasurer's check
hazine çeki
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The head of a corporation's treasury department
The government official in charge of the Treasury
The official entrusted with the funds and revenues of an organization such as a club
{n} an officer who keeps public money, or a company fund
The corporate officer responsible for designing and implementing many of the firm's financing and investing activities
An accountant in a staff position who is responsible for managing an organization's relationships with investors and creditors and maintaining custody of the organization's cash, investments, and other assets
The Treasurer is in charge of all offerings and other income, except communion alms for the poor, and disburses these funds under the vestry's direction
the head of a corporations treasury department
The treasurer of the ASF is an officer of the corporation, and is responsible for managing the funds and assets of the Foundation, reporting tax information, and so on The treasurer need not be a member of the Foundation, nor a director, though the rôle is often filled by someone who is
The county treasurer collects property taxes, and receives revenues from taxes collected by the state, such as the local income taxes The treasurer oversees parts of the tax sale process in the case of delinquent property taxes The treasurer has investment responsibility for county funds
an officer charged with receiving and disbursing funds
The corporate officer responsible for designing and implementing a firm's financing and investing activities
{i} one in charge of the funds of an organization, one in charge of a treasury
One who has the care of a treasure or treasure or treasury; an officer who receives the public money arising from taxes and duties, or other sources of revenue, takes charge of the same, and disburses it upon orders made by the proper authority; one who has charge of collected funds; as, the treasurer of a society or corporation
The treasurer of a society or organization is the person who is in charge of its finances and keeps its accounts. someone who is officially responsible for the money for an organization, club, political party etc
a treasurer
A treasurer
honorary treasurer
one who holds the title of treasurer as a sign of honor but does not actually perform the duties of the job
state treasurer
the treasurer for a state government