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الإنجليزية - التركية

Tom tepsiyi sehpanın üstüne koydu. - Tom put the tray down on the coffee table.

Tepsiyi masaya koydum. - I set the tray down on the table.

{i} tabla
{i} sini
(Gıda) tabak

Tabak mı yoksa tepsi mi kullanmak istiyorsun? - Do you want to use a platter or a tray?

tray dryer
(Gıda) tepsili kurutucu
tray of
tray table
(Oyunlar) Eski bir zar oyunu
tray cabinet
(Bilgisayar) tepsi cabinet
tray column
(Gıda) tepsili kolon
tray conveyor
tablalı konveyör
tray feed
(Bilgisayar) tepsi feed
tray feed magazine
tepsi besleme haznesi
tray handling
tabla konveyör tertibatı
tray menu
(Bilgisayar) tepsi menüsü
tray number hints
(Bilgisayar) tepsi numarası ipuçları
tray paper jam
(Bilgisayar) tepsi kağıt sıkışması
tray rails
tepsi sürme rayları
tray scrubber
tablalı yıkayıcı
tray selection
(Bilgisayar) tepsi seçimi
transport tray
taşıma tepsisi
bottom tray
(Bilgisayar) alt tepsi
bypass tray
(Bilgisayar) geçiş tepsisi
circular tray
floor tray
zemin tepsisi
front tray
(Bilgisayar) ön tepsi
input tray
(Bilgisayar) giriş tepsisi
lower tray
(Bilgisayar) alt tepsi
main tray
(Bilgisayar) ana tepsi
paper tray
(Bilgisayar) kağıt tepsisi
plug tray
pılag tepsisi
side tray
(Bilgisayar) yan tepsi
top tray
(Bilgisayar) üst tepsi
upper tray
(Bilgisayar) üst tepsi
battery tray
akü tablosu
battery tray
akü kestesi
filing tray
dosyalama rafı
loading tray
yükleme tablası
cable tray
(Elektrik, Elektronik) Kablo kanalı
card tray
kart tepsisi
drain tray
Drenaj tavası
egg tray
Yumurta kartonu, yumurta konan delikli karton
filing tray
dosyalama rafi
food tray
Plastiktem imal edilmiş, tek kullanımlık tabldot yemek tepsisi
ice cube tray
Küp şeklinde buz yapmakta kullanılan çok bölmeli kalıp
issue tray
konu tepsisi
lower tray of bend
alt düzey baraj testi
output tray
çıkış tepsisi
receiving tray
tepsi alma
saggar tray
Pişmeye hazır seramik yapıların, seramik fırını içerisine yerleştirilmesi için kullanılan fırın tepsisi
shower tray
Duş teknesi
to betray
ihanet etmek
auto tray
(Bilgisayar) auto tepsi
auxiliary tray
(Bilgisayar) yardımcı tepsi
battery tray
akü rafı
battery tray
(Otomotiv) akü tablası
breech block tray
(Askeri) kama gövdesi teskeresi
breech block tray
(Askeri) kama payı tablası
breechblock tray
(Askeri) KAMA PAYI TABLASI, KAMA GÖVDESİ TESKERESİ: Büyük bir topta, geri çekilen kama gövdesine mesnetlik yapan ve kamanın kendi ekseni etrafında namlu geri kısmından serbestçe ayrılmasına imkan veren, namlu gerisine mafsalla tespit edilmiş tepsi biçiminde dayanak
bubble cap tray
(Gıda) şapkalı tepsi
cd tray
YD Tepsisi
centre tray
(Bilgisayar) centre tepsi
collate tray
(Bilgisayar) toplama tepsisi
default tray
(Bilgisayar) varsayılan kaset
default tray
(Bilgisayar) varsayılan tepsi
drip tray
damlama tavası
elevator tray
(Bilgisayar) kaldıraç tepsi
envelope tray
(Bilgisayar) zarf tray
envelope tray
(Bilgisayar) zarf tepsisi
external tray
(Bilgisayar) dış tepsi
inner tray
(Bilgisayar) ınner tepsi
inner tray
(Bilgisayar) iç tepsi
job tray
(Bilgisayar) iş tepsisi
loading tray
(Askeri) MERMİ YATAĞI: Bazı otomatik silahlarda, özellikle hava savunma silahlarından, mermileri kamaya süren oyuk kızak
manual feed tray
elle besleme kaseti
mesh tray
(Madencilik) cevher eleği
mesh tray
mesh tray
servis tepsisi
middle tray
(Bilgisayar) orta tepsi
optional tray
(Bilgisayar) seçime bağlı tepsi
optional tray
(Bilgisayar) seçmeli tepsi
output tray
Çıktı Tepsisi
output tray
çıkış kaseti
package tray
(Otomotiv) arka konsol
package tray modules
(Otomotiv) arka konsol modülleri
paper output tray
Kağıt çıktıkaseti Kağıt çıktı
paper tray
Kağıt kaseti
perforated sieve tray
(Gıda) elek tepsi
photo tray
(Bilgisayar) photo tepsi
powder tray
(Askeri) barut teskeresi
powder tray
(Askeri) BARUT TESKERESİ: Barut keselerini topun yanına taşımak için kullanılan teskere
rear tray unit
(Bilgisayar) arka tepsi birimi
show tray icon
(Bilgisayar) simgeyi göster
spanning tray
(Askeri) MERMİ DOLDURMA TESKERESİ: Bir topun terkipsiz cephanesini kamaya sürmeye yarayan ve takılıp çıkarılabilen oyuk tabla. Bak. "loading tray". SPAN OF DETONATION (ATOMIC DEMOLITION MUNITION EMPLOYMENT): PATLAMA GENİŞLİĞİ (ATOMİK TAHRİP MÜHİMMAT KULLANILMASI): Mümkün olan en erken ve en geç patlama zamanı arasındaki zaman hatasından sonuçlanan toplam zaman periyodu. 1. ERKEN ZAMAN: Atomik infilak cephanesinin patlayabileceği en erken zaman. 2. ATEŞ ZAMANI: Zamanlayıcıların hatasız olarak fonksiyonu halinde atomik infilak mühimmatının infilak edeceği zaman. 3. GEÇ ZAMAN: Atomik infilak cephanesinin patlayacağı en geç zaman
standard tray
(Bilgisayar) standart tepsi
storage tray
depolama tepsisi
sub tray
(Bilgisayar) sub tepsi
system tray
Sistem Tepsisi
target tray of tape
(Askeri) HEDEF BANDI: Bir füzeye, fırlatma noktasından hedefe, gerekli uçuş yolunu takip etmesi imkanı veren bilgiyi ihtiva eder bir füze ana unsuru
tunnel tray
tünel tabla
tunnel tray
tünel küvet
turbo tray dryer
(Gıda) turbo tepsili kurutucu
التركية - التركية
CD player'da diskin alındığı tepsi
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The items on a full tray

Before long they had consumed a whole tray of shrimp cocktails and sent for another.

A small, typically rectangular or round, flat, rigid object upon which things are carried

I carefully arranged the dishes on the tray and brought it upstairs.

A notification area used for icons and alerts

some developers try to use it that way for some reason (some applications inexplicably minimize to the tray rather than to the taskbar as they should).

A component of a device into which an item is placed for use in the device's operations

The loader is responsible for placing the work on the trays for the plating machines.

A flat carrier for items being transported

Make sure that tray of eggs is properly loaded.

To place items on a tray

Be sure to tray eggs with the large end up.

To slide down a snow-covered hill on a tray from a cafeteria

Traying has provided collegiate fun and the occasional fatality for decades.

{n} a hollow trough of wood
{v} to betray
{i} flat receptacle used to hold other items, platter
A tray is a flat piece of wood, plastic, or metal, which usually has raised edges and which is used for carrying things, especially food and drinks
Any of a variety of vapor-liquid contacting divices used in staged separating columns
A flat, broad vessel on which dishes, glasses, etc
also called a 'tote', a plastic bin that holds bait, lobster, or anything on the boat that needs stowing
plastic receptacle shaped like the mouth to hold impression material
an open receptacle for holding or displaying or serving articles or food
are carried; a waiter; a salver
A container used in postal facilities to hold letters and First-Class Mail flats It is used as a basic unit of mail quantity for purposes of preparing mail to qualify for discounted postage rates
To betray; to deceive
A cable tray system is a unit or assembly of units or sections, and associated fittings, made of metal or other noncombustible materials forming a rigid structural system used to support cables Cable tray systems (previously termed continuous rigid cable supports) include ladders, trough, channels, solid bottom trays and similar structures
A cable tray system is a unit or assembly of units or sections, and associated fittings, made of non-combustible materials forming a rigid structural system used to support cables Cable tray systems include ladders, troughs, channels, solid bottom trays, and similar structures
A component of a device into which an item is placed for use in the devices operations
as a removable receptacle for small or light articles
A shallow box, generally without a top, often used within a chest, trunk, box, etc
large plate, meant for carrying food and drinks
A small trough or wooden vessel, sometimes scooped out of a block of wood, for various domestic uses, as in making bread, chopping meat, etc
A cable tray system is an assembly of units or sections & ancillary fittings, made of non-combustible materials used to support cables Cable tray systems include ladders, through, channels, solid bottom trays & similar structures
nIII: friendship; friendly (+ dat : with)
On the Taskbar the area at the right which holds the clock and icons for other background applications
The flat surface on top of the SlideMaster rail system that supports the cargo Also referred to as a deck
tray bon
Eye dialect spelling of très bon; very good
A fold-away tray, such as those found in front of airline seats
A small, tray-shaped table used to place small objects upon. They are most commonly used to place meals on while watching television
tray ceiling
A decorative ceiling treatment used to add volume and/or height to a room 2 Common types are: 1) Angled area toward the center leading to a flat ceiling surface, and 2) Stepped square edged leading toward the center of the ceiling
tray ceiling
A raised portion of the ceiling which can slope or rise vertically with one or more steps prior to reaching a flat portion, for design effect
tray ceiling
A tray ceiling has edges that slant toward the middle from the walls
tray cloth
table linen consisting of a small cloth for a tray
TV tray
A tray on which a meal can be informally served for eating while watching television
baking tray
An oven-proof metallic tray used to hold foods in the oven
cable tray
A rigid structure to support electric cables; a type of raceway, normally having the appearance of a ladder and open at the top to facilitate changes
A desktop organizer; in-box, in-basket
The amount of new work yet to be done
litter tray
An open receptacle lined with a layer of absorbent material for use as a toilet by a cat or similar animal when indoors
party tray
A shallow flat receptacle with a raised edge or rim, used for carrying, holding, or displaying appetizers
party tray
One such tray with prepared appetizers arranged on it
tea tray
A tray, sometimes of silver, for holding a tea service
waste tray
A tray placed in such a way as to collect waste (garbage) as it is produced
cable tray
A cable tray system, according to the US National Electrical Code, is "a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways." Cable trays are used to hold up and distribute cables
litter tray
A litter box, sometimes called a sandbox, sand box, litter tray, litter pan, catbox, or cat box, is an indoor feces and urine disposal box for cats (as well as rabbits, snakes and other pets that naturally or through training will make use of such a repository) that are permitted free roam of a home but who cannot or do not always go outside to relieve themselves. Many owners of these animals prefer not to let them roam outside for fear that they might succumb to the elements or get hit by a car, so a cat litter box makes it possible to shelter pets from these risks
container for smokers' tobacco ashes
baking tray
A baking tray is the same as a baking sheet. a flat piece of metal that you bake food on
cable tray
-A rigid structural system used to support cables and raceways Types of cable trays include ladder, ventilated trough, ventilated channel, and solid bottom
cable tray
An assembly to support power or data/voice cables for organized distribution The tray can be enclosed but generally consists of a ladder-like framework on the bottom and sides with open top
cable tray
a channel system used to hold and support communications cables
cafeteria tray
a tray for carrying your food in a cafeteria
crumb tray
special tray used for cutting bread which prevents crumbs from being scattered
in tray
An in tray is a shallow container used in offices to put letters and documents in before they are dealt with. Compare out tray. out tray. a container on your desk for work and letters that need to be dealt with   out tray
a wood or metal receptacle placed on your desk to hold your incoming material
out tray
tray where outgoing mail is placed
out tray
An out tray is a shallow container used in offices to put letters and documents in when they have been dealt with and are ready to be sent somewhere else. Compare in tray. in tray. a box on an office desk where you put work and letters which are ready to be posted or put away in tray
system tray
{i} (in Windows operating systems) location on the taskbar in which the clock and other user-installed utilities reside, SYSTRAY (Computers)
system tray
the place where the clock and some icons (=small pictures that are used to start a particular operation) are shown on a computer screen
tea tray
a tray that accommodates a tea service
tea tray
A tray for holding a tea service
tea tray
platter on which tea is served
plural of , tray
third-person singular of tray
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zarf tray
(Bilgisayar) envelope tray

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    /ˈtrā/ /ˈtreɪ/

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    [ 'trA ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English trey, treye from Old English trēġ, trīġ ‘wooden board’, from Proto-Germanic *traujan (cf. Low German Treechel ‘dough trough’, Old Swedish trø ‘wooden grain measure’), from Proto-Indo-European *drou- (cf. Ancient Greek drouítē ‘tub, vat’, Sanskrit droṇa ‘trough’), from *dóru ‘tree’. More at tree.

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