too late

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الإنجليزية - التركية
fazla geç

Ben oraya biraz fazla geç vardım. - I got there a little too late.

Yapılan zararı telafi etmek için asla çok fazla geç değildir. - It's never too late to make amends for harm done.

çok geç

Öğrenmek için asla çok geç değildir. - It is never too late to learn.

Sipariş çok geç geldi. - The order came too late.

before it is too late
iş işten geçmeden
it is never too late to learn
(deyim) öğrenmenin yaşı yoktur
too little too late
biraz geç
it's not too late yet
henüz geç değil
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية

تعريف too late في الإنجليزية الإنجليزية القاموس.

it's never too late to mend
You’re never too old to change your ways. Learning is always possible
it's too late for sorry
An expression of anger or disgust uttered toward someone who offers an apology after causing a situation to go very wrong, a great deal of damage or emotional pain resulted and no amount of repentance can remedy the situation

The grieving mother who lost her daughter in an accident told the drunk driver It's too late for sorry! after he tried to apologize.

too little too late
Not happening early enough or in a strong enough way to stop a bad situation getting worse: "Officials admit that the re-planting of the hillsides only started five years ago and seems to be a classic case of too little too late."
before it's too late
before the opportunity passes you by
it is almost too late
the sand is slipping through the hourglass
it is never too late
there is always the opportunity to
it is never too late to learn
there is always something new to learn, one is never too old to learn something new
too little too late
the compensation was not enough and the timing was also unsuccessful
was too late
was too tardy, arrived after the scheduled time and lost an opportunity
too late

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    tu leyt


    /ˈto͞o ˈlāt/ /ˈtuː ˈleɪt/

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    [ 'tü ] (adverb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tO to, too; more at TO.


    ... And when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was too late, and she just recently passed ...
    ... when it's still too expensive, and 10 years from now when it's too late.  You want to ...

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