to zap

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To further energize or charge (magnetic material)

They zapped my motor's magnets.

To damage (especially electronics) with electrostatic discharge

I think they zapped the processor.

An electrical shock

You might feel a little zap touching a metal doorknob when the air is dry.

To use a remote control to repeatedly change channels on a television
To heat (something) in a microwave oven

If it's not warm in the middle, zap it some more.

To strike (something or someone) with electricity or energy, as by shooting

They spent the whole movie zapping bad guys into oblivion.

Representing the sound or action of a zap

Then the computer went zap and I lost all my work.

{i} short length of time in a microwave oven; energy and enthusiasm; unexpected forceful strike or hit; jolt; spicy quality
To zap someone or something means to kill, destroy, or hit them, for example with a gun or in a computer game. A guard zapped him with the stun gun
strike suddenly and with force; "This show zaps the viewers with some shocking scenes
cook or heat in a microwave oven; "You can microwave the left-overs"
strike at with firepower or bombs; "zap the enemy"
{f} kill, shoot; destroy; defeat; attack suddenly (Slang); complete something very quickly, move very fast; cook or warm up something in a microwave oven; photocopy something; (Computers) damage or destroy hardware or media by means of electricity; erase or get rid of something (Computers); change stations during television advertisements with a remote control; (Broadcasting) use an apparatus to erase commercials from a transmission (i.e.: with a pause button in videotaping); give an electric shock (Slang)
To use a remote control to repeatedly change channel on a television
If you zap channels while watching television, you change channels using the remote control. Men like to zap the TV channels, something that can drive certain women berserk
strike suddenly and with force; "This show zaps the viewers with some shocking scenes"
A colloquial term for the electrical shock a person may feel when he or she has built up a charge of 3000 volts or more on his or her body and then discharges by such action as touching a doorknob or other grounded object at a different electrical potential, causing electrons to transfer suddenly See "Electrostatic Discharge" and "Spark" Back To Top
1 n Spiciness 2 vt To make food spicy 3 vt To make someone `suffer' by making his food spicy (Most hackers love spicy food Hot-and-sour soup is considered wimpy unless it makes you wipe your nose for the rest of the meal ) See {zapped} 4 vt To modify, usually to correct; esp used when the action is performed with a debugger or binary patching tool Also implies surgical precision "Zap the debug level to 6 and run it again " In the IBM mainframe world, binary patches are applied to programs or to the OS with a program called `superzap', whose file name is `IMASPZAP' (possibly contrived from I M A SuPerZAP) 5 vt To erase or reset 6 To {fry} a chip with static electricity "Uh oh --- I think that lightning strike may have zapped the disk controller "
A layman's term for an electrical discharge or electrostatic discharge, ESD
To delete or discard (electronic media)
To zap something such as a computer file or document means to to delete it from the computer memory or to clear it from the screen
To remove permanently
To make a zapping sound
A sound made by a sudden release of electricity or some similar energy
kill with or as if with a burst of gunfire or electric current or as if by shooting; "in this computer game, space travellers are vaporized by aliens"
to zap