tie rod

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الإنجليزية - التركية
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Either of a pair of rods that link the steering mechanism to the front wheel or axle of some vehicles
A slender metal rod used to support or reinforce part of a structure
either of two rods that link the steering gear to the front wheels
a rod that connects two pieces of a machine so that they act together, for a car or truck the rod that connects the steering arms of the two front wheel steering arms
a rigid stem which transmits movement between two mobile parts (bielle) Map of the engine room
In the steering system, the rods that link the pitman arm and the idler arm to the steering knuckle arms
A metal tension rod connecting two structural members, such as gable walls or beams, acting as a brace or reinforcement; often anchored by means of a metal plate in such forms as an "S" or a star
a rod-like member in a frame functioning to transmit tensile stress; also known as tie bar
Connectors between rack ends and steering knuckles
The rod assembly used to connect the steering bell- cranks or servo saver to the spindles
Connects the wheels to the steering system
tie-rod ends
(Otomotiv) Ball joints located at the ends of the tie rods, which are part of the steering linkage
A rod used as a tie
tie rod