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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Extemporaneous; off the cuff

The host made a throwaway remark about the president that was later repeated in all the new sound-bytes.

Being intended for single use
Selected or used without care or attention
Disposable; intended for a single use prior to being discarded

Water was provided in throwaway plastic bottles, but the ecologically minded of us refilled our initial bottles from the fountain.

thrown away; "wearing someone's cast-off clothes"; "throwaway children living on the streets"; "salvaged some thrown-away furniture"
words spoken in a casual way with conscious under-emphasis
disposable, intended to be used once and then discarded; been rejected
{i} advertisement distributed on the street or slipped under a door, circular
intended to be thrown away after use; "throwaway diapers"
A throwaway product is intended to be used only for a short time, and then to be thrown away. Now they are producing throwaway razors
an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution; "he mailed the circular to all subscribers"
a homeless child who has been abandoned and roams the streets
If you say that someone makes a throwaway remark or gesture, you mean that they make it in a casual way, although it may be important, or have some serious or humorous effect. a throwaway remark she later regretted
throwaway line
A line of dialog that suggests new plot lines but that mean little or nothing in the current context

I was intrigued by the exchange in one of the opening scenes where the Warden says to Snake: You flew the wing-five over Leningrad, didn't you? It turns out to be just a throwaway line, but for a moment it worked like the best SF, where a casual reference can imply a lot.

intended to be thrown away after use; "throwaway diapers