think better of it

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تعريف think better of it في الإنجليزية الإنجليزية القاموس.

think better of
To change one's mind concerning, especially to decide against

He got halfway out the door, thought better of it, and decided to stay home, instead.

think better of
Change your mind about; to consider again and make a better decision about. "John told his mother he wanted to leave school, but later he thought better of it."
think better of
think well of, regard favorably; change one's mind, rethink
think better of it


    think bet·ter of it

    التركية النطق

    thîngk betır ıv ît


    /ˈᴛʜəɴɢk ˈbetər əv ət/ /ˈθɪŋk ˈbɛtɜr əv ɪt/

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