tepesi atmak

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التركية - الإنجليزية
blow up
lose one's temper
be steamed up
go on the rampage
to fly into a temper, to fly into a rage, to lose one's temper, to hit the roof, to hit the ceiling, to fly off the handle, to see red, to blow one's top, to go off the deep end, to blow one's stack
to lose one's temper, blow one's stack
(deyim) burst a blood vessel
(deyim) go through the roof
(deyim) have a fit
get into a temper
blow a fuse
hit the roof
forget oneself
blow one's top
fly into a temper
see red
throw a fit
have kittens
do one's nut
fly into a rage
boil over
hit the ceiling
blow one's top, stack
lose one's rag
blow one's stack
fly off the handle
go off at half cock
flip one's lid
be hopping mad
go off the deep end
lose one's wool
tepesi atma
being furious
tepesi atma
{i} explosion
tepesi atma
tepesi çok çabuk atmak
have a short fuse
tepesi atmak