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الإنجليزية - التركية
{s} esmer
sarımsı kahverengi
esmer renk
tawny eagle
kara kartal
tawny owl
kara baykuş
tawny owl
alaca baykuş
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Of a light brown to brownish orange colour

They fell a-twittering among themselves once more, and this time their intoxicating babble was of violet seas, tawny sands, and lizard-haunted walls.

A light brown to brownish orange colour
{a} yellowish, brownish, reddish
Of a dull yellowish brown color, like things tanned, or persons who are sunburnt; as, tawny Moor or Spaniard; the tawny lion
Tawny hair, fur, or skin is a pale brown colour. She had tawny hair. brownish-yellow in colour (tanné, past participle of tanner; TAN)
of a light brown to brownish orange color
{s} golden-brown
[See TENNE ]
a brownish orange to light brown
tawny owl
A bird of prey of the species Strix aluco
tawny owls
plural form of tawny owl
tawny-breasted tinamou
A tinamou, Nothocercus julius
tawny-breasted tinamous
plural form of tawny-breasted tinamou
Attributive form of tawny owl, noun
tawny eagle
brownish eagle of Africa and parts of Asia
tawny owl
A common owl (Strix aluco) of Eurasia and northern Africa, having tawny, wormlike markings
tawny owl
European owl with reddish brown plumage and round head with black eyes
tawny owl
reddish-brown European owl having a round head with black eyes



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    /ˈtänē/ /ˈtɑːniː/

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    [ 'to-nE, 'tä-nE ] (adjective.) 14th century. From Middle English, from Anglo-Norman tauné, from Old French tané, past participle of taner (“to tan”), from tan 'tanbark, tawny color', from Gaulish tanno 'holm oak' (compare Breton tann, Old Irish caerthann 'rowan'), from Indo-European *dhenh-; akin to German Tann 'woods', Tanne 'fir', Hittite tanau 'fir', Avestan thanwarə (g. thanwanō) 'bow', Sanskrit dhánus (g. dhánvanus) 'bow', Latin femur (g. feminis) 'thigh', possibly Greek thámnos 'thicket'.

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