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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
likely to be affected by something

He was susceptible to minor ailments.

easily influenced or tricked; credulous
especially sensitive, especially to a stimulus
A person who is vulnerable to being infected by a certain disease
easily under a specified power or influence
easily impressed emotionally
(often followed by `of' or `to') yielding readily to or capable of; "susceptible to colds"; "susceptible of proof" easily impressed emotionally
Capable of admitting anything additional, or any change, affection, or influence; readily acted upon; as, a body susceptible of color or of alteration
{a} capable of admitting
likely to happen to; to take up, receive
Capable of impression; having nice sensibility; impressible; tender; sensitive; as, children are more susceptible than adults; a man of a susceptible heart
Capable of being affected or infected (e g , body can be attacked by microorganisms and become ill)
{s} vulnerable, prone, liable to be affected by illness; emotionally sensitive, impressionable
If you are susceptible to something or someone, you are very likely to be influenced by them. Young people are the most susceptible to advertisements James was extremely susceptible to flattery
(often followed by `of' or `to') yielding readily to or capable of; "susceptible to colds"; "susceptible of proof"
able to be killed by a particular drug
vulnerable to or potentially able to contract a disease Also refers to a microorganism that is vulnerable to the effects of a drug Contrast with resistant
(suss-sep-tib-ul) -- capable of being affected by, or influenced by
Prone to infection by parasites and pathogens
a crop that may be damaged or a weed that may be readily controlled by a recommended rate of herbicide
If you are susceptible to a disease or injury, you are very likely to be affected by it. Walking with weights makes the shoulders very susceptible to injury = vulnerable
susceptible to
{s} prone to; likely to be influenced
electric susceptibility, a measure of how easily a dielectric polarizes in response to an external electric field (compare permittivity)
the condition of being susceptible; vulnerability
emotional sensitivity
a specific capability of feeling or emotion
The state or quality of being susceptible; the capability of receiving impressions, or of being affected
Specifically, capacity for deep feeling or emotional excitement; sensibility, in its broadest acceptation; impressibility; sensitiveness
{n} the quality or state of admitting
be susceptible to
be sensitive to -, be affected by -, be influenced by -
A measure of the degree to which a substance may be magnetized It is a ratio k of the intensity of magnetization I to the causative magnetic field H It is typically expressed in micro cgs units for oil and gas exploration work Susceptibility has been shown to be proportional to the volume percentage of magnetite contained in a rock Susceptibility contrast is the susceptibility difference between two rocks or geologic bodies See Density Contrast
{i} vulnerability; emotional sensitivity; inability to resist a particular external influence, impressionability
If you have a susceptibility to something unpleasant, you are likely to be affected by it. his increased susceptibility to infections. = vulnerability
Causing malfunction of a circuit by electromagnetic interference from external sources See EMC
the state of being susceptible; easily affected
A person's susceptibilities are feelings which can be easily hurt. I am well aware that in saying this I shall outrage a few susceptibilities. = sensibilities
  In electronic warfare, the degree to which electronic equipment is affected by electromagnetic energy radiated by an enemy's equipment, such as jamming transmitters   (188)
The degree to which the equipment is affected or influenced by something, i e , how sensitive it is; vulnerable to harm
The inability of plants to restrict the activities of a specified pest or pathogen Also, the inability to withstand a specific environmental or chemical stress
The ratio of the intensity of magnetization to the magnetizing force, referenced to the value for a vacuum
The opposite of resistance The condition where an animal is unable to withstand the normally applied concentration of a chemical
The degree to which a person is sensitive to a remedy or a disease
The sensitivity to or degree to which a plant is injured by a herbicide treatment (See Tolerance )
in a susceptible manner, in a vulnerable manner