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A device through which a liquid is passed for purification, filtering or separation from solid matter; anything (including a screen or a cloth) used to strain a liquid; any device functioning as a sieve or filter - in special, a perforated screen or openwork (usually at the end of a suction pipe of a pump), used to prevent solid bodies from mixing in a liquid stream or flowline
One who strains
A fallen tree or a submerged fence through which water flows, but against which a boat or person can be held by the force of the flow (being strained like leaves in a tea strainer) Keep well clear of such hazards If swept against an object, lean towards the object to prevent capsize
A device that fits onto the top of a tumbler and allows you to pour the liquid into a glass, while keeping the ice behind
or Strainer basket The strainer basket is a cylindrical mesh component housed inside a strainer pot that is sited just before the main circulating pump It protects the pump from damage by collecting hard and soft articles such as coins, hairgrips and lint from costumes
{i} filter for removing impurities or foreign objects from liquids
A device used to separate air solids from the stream of air that might become a source of trouble Adulterants caught in the strainer are blown out through an orifice fitted with a valve or plug The strainer should be opened periodically for a thorough cleaning (010)
The deadliest trap on the river! When water pours through the branches of a fallen tree, or through a pile of rocks or ice, it produces a strainer When you drain a pot of spaghetti into a strainer, the water goes through and the spaghetti is trapped Now imagine that you are the pasta and that the pot of water never runs out That's what happens if you, with or without your boat, get into a strainer Even with a gentle current, strainers are bad They can pin you below the surface of the water and you can't get out If possible, take a swift water safety course and practice dealing with strainers If you realize you can't avoid a strainer, climb on to it, climb over it! If you are swimming in the water, and about to wash into a strainer, swim headfirst as aggressively as possible toward it and climb onto, up and over it Move as if your life depends on it It does!
A strainer is an object with holes which you pour a liquid through in order to separate the liquid from the solids in it. Pour the broth through a strainer. a tea strainer
That through which any liquid is passed for purification or to separate it from solid matter; anything, as a screen or a cloth, used to strain a liquid; a device of the character of a sieve or of a filter; specifically, an openwork or perforated screen, as for the end of the suction pipe of a pump, to prevent large solid bodies from entering with a liquid
A tool used to tension wire or a strainer assembly
Tree/fence/wire/rocks where water passes through an obstacle These strainers are like fish nets that can catch and drown boaters
Brush, fallen trees, bridge pilings, or anything else that allows the current to sweep through but pins boots and boaters These are lethal
a basket in front of the pump which keeps fine debris from reaching the pump's impeller area Must be cleaned periodically
a filter to retain larger pieces while smaller pieces and liquids pass through
A fine-mesh device that allows fluid flow and holds back solid particles
a coarse filter element (pore size over approximately 40 ¦m)
tea strainer
A strainer used to filter tea leaves from brewed tea
a strainer
{n} filter
A strainer
slang terms for a mustache
plural of strainer
a device to keep back tea leaves when pouring a cup of tea