listen to the pronunciation of spoon-feed
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To help somebody (usually a baby) to eat using a spoon
To deliver information in as basic a manner as possible
To overly pamper or indulge someone, so that they do not act or think for themselves
disapproval If you think that someone is being given too much help with something and is not making enough effort themselves, you can say they are being spoon-fed. Students are unwilling to really work. They want to be spoon-fed
If you spoon-feed a small child or a sick person, you feed them using a spoon. It took two years for me to get better, during which time he spoon-fed me and did absolutely everything around the house
disapproval If you say that someone is spoon-fed ideas or information, you mean that they are told about them and are expected to accept them without questioning them. They were less willing to be spoon-fed doctrines from Japan
provide all the answers, present material that has already been worked through
Teach or assist whilst requiring little or no effort on the part of the person being taught or assisted
Feed using a spoon
given to eat with the use of a spoon; fed with a spoon; spoiled, not independent
teach without challenging the students; "This professor spoonfeeds his students"
feed with a spoon