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The relationship between time taken and number of processors used
An amount or rate of decrease in time taken
SN, is defined as the ratio of the run-time of a serial algorithm run on a serial computer (TS) to the run-time of a parallel version (parallel algorithm) of the algorithm (TP) run on a parallel computer with N processors
A measure of how much faster a given program runs when executed in parallel on several processors as compared to serial execution on a single processor Speedup is defined as S = sequential run time / parallel run time
A measure of parallel program performance, comparing the speed of execution on P processors with (usually) the speed of execution on 1 If TP is the time taken on P processors, and T1 the time on 1, then speedup is defined as SP = T1 / TP cf Amdahl's Law
The ration of two program execution times If t1 is the time to run a program on one processor, and tP the time to run it on P processors, then the speedup is S=t1/tP Speedup is usually discussed as a function of the number of processors, but it is usually also a function of problem size [Wil93]
An acceleration, to go faster
an increase in the speed of something or in the rate at which a process happens speedup in
Speedup is a multiplier indicating how many times faster the parallel program is than its sequential counterpart If Tseq is the time taken by the sequential program (on one node) and T(P) is the time taken by the parallel program on N nodes, speedup S is given by the following
An employer initiated increase in production; usually achieved through means over which the employee has no control Speedup can occur in the case of machine-paced assembly lines (auto industry) or disassembly lines (meatpacking) where the speed of the line is controlled exclusively by management-often to the mental and physical detriment of workers
the act of accelerating; increasing the speed
plural of speedup

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    /ˈspēˌdəp/ /ˈspiːˌdʌp/

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    [ 'spEd-"&p ] (noun.) 1921. * speed +‎ up

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