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Bitirici vuruş, son söz. Bir olayı bitiren son söz, son vuruş
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
something exceptional
a hard hit, a knockout or finishing blow

The thunder would go rumbling and grumbling away, and quit—and then rip comes another flash and another sockdologer.

That which finishes or ends a matter; a settler; a poser, as a heavy blow, a conclusive answer, and the like
{i} settler, thing that settles; decisive argument; hard hit or remark; something remarkable; joining of two hooks that close on top each other with a spring when the fish bites
A combination of two hooks which close upon each other, by means of a spring, as soon as the fish bites
Something unusually large
a hard hit




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    (noun.) circa 1830. Uncertain. However: : "A writer in the March Atlantic gives this as the origin of the slang word "socdollager," current some time ago. "Socdollager" was the uneducated man’s transposition of "doxologer," which was the familiar New England rendering of "doxology." This was the Puritan term for the verse ascription used at the conclusion of every hymn, like the “Gloria,” at the end of a chanted psalm. On doctrinal grounds it was proper for the whole congregation to join in the singing, so that it became a triumphant winding up of the whole act of worship. Thus is happened that "socdollager" became the term for anything which left nothing else to follow; a decisive, overwhelming finish, to which no reply was possible." . Another possible origin is from Davy Crockett. In an 1831 play, a Crockett-based character says "He'll come off as badly as a feller I once hit a sledge hammer lick over the head—a real sogdolloger," and an 1880s dime novel was titled Sockdolager! A Tale of Davy Crockett.

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