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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Coğrafya) Akdeniz havzasında görülen çok sıcak bir rüzgâr
(Coğrafya) Sirokko: Büyük Sahra çölünde oluşan ve Akdeniz'i geçerek Güney Avrupa'yı etkileyen sıcak ve kuru rüzgar
{i} akdenizden esen sıcak rüzgâr
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A draft of hot air from an artificial source of heat

In the hearth at the north wall a large fire cracked and lisped, flushing the room with a dry sirocco that caused frozen skin to tingle.

A strong southerly to southeasterly wind on the Mediterranean that originates in the Sahara and adjacent North African regions

But come, the board is spread ; our silver lamp / Is trimm'd, and heeds not the sorocco's damp.

hot winds from africa
{n} the south-east or Syrian wind
siroccos a hot wind that blows from the desert of North Africa across to southern Europe. or scirocco Warm, humid wind over the Mediterranean Sea and southern Europe, where it blows from the south or southeast and brings rain and fog. It is produced on the front sides of low-pressure centres that travel eastward over the southern Mediterranean. It originates over North Africa as a dry wind and picks up moisture as it crosses the Mediterranean
a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand; "it was the kind of duster not experienced in years"
In general, any hot dry wind of cyclonic origin, blowing from arid or heated regions, including the desert wind of Southern California, the harmattan of the west coasts of Africa, the hot winds of Kansas and Texas, the kamsin of Egypt, the leste of the Madeira Islands, and the leveche of Spain
A strong southerly to southeasterly wind in the Mediterranean that originates from the Sahara and similar North African regions
An oppressive, relaxing wind from the Libyan deserts, chiefly experienced in Italy, Malta, and Sicily
{i} hot dry wind that originates in the Sahara and blows across the Mediterranean Sea into southern Europe
plural of sirocco




    ghibli, jugo, marin


    علم أصول الكلمات

    [ s&-'rä-(")kO, sh& ] (noun.) 1617. * Italian: scirocco = the south-east wind; (from Arabic) * Arabic: sharaga = (the sun) arose

    كلمة اليوم