sinir krizi geçirmek

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التركية - الإنجليزية
have a nervous break downhave a fit, throw a fit : To have a sudden illness with stiffness or jerking of the body. - "Our dog had a fit yesterday."informal To become angry or upset. - "Father will throw a fit when he sees the dent in the car." - "Howard will have a fit when he learns that he lost the election." - "When John decided to drop out of college, his parents had fits."hysterics : when you are unable to control your behaviour or emotions because you are very upset, afraid, excited. - "She went into hysterics when she heard about her husband."have hysterics : be extremely upset or angry. - "Mum'd have hysterics if she knew what you'd done."in hysterics : if someone is in hysterics, they are laughing and not able to stop. - "The audience was in hysterics."
go into hysterics
crock up
have a nervous breakdown
fit a rage
sinir krizi geçirmek