siamese fighting fish

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A freshwater fish, scientific name Betta splendens
n. A small, often brightly colored, aggressive freshwater fish (Betta splendens) native to Malaysia and Thailand that has large fins and tail and is popular in home aquariums. Freshwater tropical fish (Betta splendens;family Belontiidae or Anabantidae), noted for the males' pugnacity toward one another. A native of Thailand, it was domesticated there for use in contests. Combat consists mainly of fin nipping and is accompanied by a display of extended gill covers, spread fins, and intensified colouring. This slender fish grows to about 2.5 in. (6.5 cm) long. In the wild it is predominantly greenish or brown, with red fins; domesticated, it has been bred with long, flowing fins and in a variety of colours, such as red, green, blue, and lavender
siamese fighting fish


    Si·a·mese fight·ing fish

    التركية النطق

    sayımiz faytîng fîş




    /ˌsīəˈmēz ˈfītəɴɢ ˈfəsʜ/ /ˌsaɪəˈmiːz ˈfaɪtɪŋ ˈfɪʃ/

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