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(Tıp) senesans

Yaşlılık yaşamın son aşamasıdır. - Senescence is the last stage of life.

(Tıp) Yaşın ilerlemesi ile beraber meydana gelen ruhsal ve fiziksel değişiklikler
senescence theory
(Tıp) yaşlanma teorisi
{s} yaşlanan
(Tıp) Yaşlanan, ihtiyarlamakta olan
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Ceasing to divide by mitosis because of shortening of telomeres or excessive DNA damage
old age; accumulated damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs with the passage of time
Fruit senescence, leading to ripening of fruit
The state or process of ageing, especially in humans; old age
{n} a growing old, decay by time or age
Deterioration and death associated with advanced age
{i} aging process, process of growing older
period of declining productivity after the period of most active growth, referred to both in terms of the seasonal life cycle of a plant, and the total life of a perennial plant
The process of plant degeneration that generally occurs at the end of the growing season It is typically characterized by increasing respiration, decreasing growth rates, chlorophyll breakdown, and mobilization of nitrogen out of leaves and into other plant organs
the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age
Cellular senescence is the process by which most normal human cells count the number of times they have divided, finally undergoing a growth arrest Cessation of replication
the property characteristic of old age
The state of growing old; decay by time
Terminal life phase of plants, characterized by the irreversible deterioration of tissue
The aging process Sometimes used to describe lakes or other bodies of water in advanced stages of eutrophication Also used to describe plants and animals
The state or process of ageing, esp. in humans; old age
The plant growth phase from full maturity to death that is characterized by a loss in dry weight
The process of growing old
Deteriorative changes of an organ or whole plant preceding death (organ senescence, whole plant senescence) There can also be 'sequential senescence' (leaves along a branch) and 'synchronous senescence' (all at the same time)
loss of function that accompanies aging
Aging of tissues; growing old
Refers to old age, decline in older trees
Fruit senescence,leading to ripening of fruit,generally
Nodules formed on the root of a host have a finite life span, usually 50-60 days Plants can have several "crops" of nodules in a single growing season, and in leguminous trees current nodules may be at some distance from the stem The breakdown of nodules over time is called senescence
death of a leaf triggered by an increase in the enzymes that promote the breakdown of plant cells Begins when shorter days and cooler temperatures occur
growing old
characteristic of old age
Growing old; decaying with the lapse of time
to be old
becoming old and showing the effects of getting older (present participle of senescere , from senex; SENIOR)
{s} aging, growing older



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    /səˈnesəns/ /səˈnɛsəns/

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    [ si-'ne-s&n(t)s ] (noun.) 1695. From Latin senescere, to grow old.

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