sea cow

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deniz perisi
deniz güzeli
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Any of several marine mammals of the order Sirenia, including the manatee and dugong
The mantee
type of large sea mammal
The dugong
The walrus
Any of several large, cylindrical, herbivorous marine mammals of the order Sirenia, having a paddlelike tail and rounded front flippers, including the manatee, dugong, and the very large species Hydrodamalis stelleri of the northern Pacific that became extinct in the late 1700s. Also called sirenian. or Steller's sea cow Extinct aquatic mammal (Hydrodamalis gigas) that lived around islands in the Bering Sea. It was discovered in 1741 and described by a member of Vitus Bering's expedition. At least 24 ft (7.5 m) long, it had no teeth, a small head, and a broad, horizontal, forked tail fluke; its dark brown skin was sometimes streaked or spotted with white. It browsed on seaweed. Russian sealers hunted it for food and fur; by 1768 the entire population, estimated at about 5,000, had been exterminated. The term also refers to dugongs and manatees
any of two families of large herbivorous aquatic mammals with paddle-shaped tails and flipper-like forelimbs and no hind limbs
Attributive form of sea cow

sea-cow look.

{n} a large animal, the manatus
steller's sea cow
extinct large sirenian mammal formerly found near Asiatic coast of the Bering Sea
sea cow

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    si kau


    /ˈsē ˈkou/ /ˈsiː ˈkaʊ/

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    [ 'sE ] (noun.) before 12th century. from sea + cow

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