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{i} fin hamamı
does the hotel have a sauna
otelinizin saunası var mı
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An act of using a sauna

John had a sauna after his swim.

To use a sauna
A room or a house designed for heat sessions

The hotel has a sauna in the basement.

A public sauna; a front for a brothel in some countries
{i} Finnish hot steam bath; room or building containing a steam bath
a Finnish steam bath; steam is produced by pouring water over heated rocks
A Finnish dry heat treatment in a wood-lined room The heat induces sweating to cleanse the body of impurities
A cedar-lined room is heated to high temperature to open the pores and sweat out toxins
Dry heat in a wooden room used to open the pores and eliminate toxins through sweat
Dry heat in a wooden room is used to open the pores and eliminate toxins through sweat In combination with refreshing cold showers, saunas can improve the body's immune defenses and favor recovery from stress
If you have a sauna, you sit or lie in a room that is so hot that it makes you sweat. People have saunas in order to relax and to clean their skin thoroughly
A sauna is a room or building where you can have a sauna. Bath in steam from water thrown on heated stones. Known in ancient times in various places, saunas are most closely identified with the Finnish people, who made saunas a national tradition. Typically, a wooden hut containing rows of flat stones is built near the edge of a lake. Wood is burned to heat the stones, and, when the stones are hot, cold water is thrown on them to create steam. The unclothed bathers sit on wooden benches in the steam-filled hut, then beat themselves with branches until their skin is red and tingling, and dive into the cold water or (in winter) roll in the snow. These extreme temperature changes are thought to have a beneficial effect on the circulation. In an adapted form, saunas are popular today in gymnasiums and health clubs
Finnish sauna
steam bath in which the steam is produced by throwing water on hot stones
dry sauna
bathhouse or small room which emits dry heat
plural of sauna
wet sauna
hot sauna that contains steam
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steam room

Do you know if there's a steam room anywhere around here? - Buralarda bir yerde bir sauna olup olmadığını biliyor musun?

steam bath
sweat room
finnish steam bath
vapour bath



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    /ˈsônə/ /ˈsɔːnə/

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    [ 'so-n&, 'sau-n& ] (noun.) 1891. * From Finnish sauna.

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