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A person who intentionally causes the destruction of property in order to hinder the efforts of his/her enemy
A saboteur is a person who deliberately damages or destroys things such as machines, railway lines, and bridges in order to weaken an enemy or to make a protest. In Britain, people who try to stop blood sports such as fox hunting are also referred to as saboteurs. The saboteurs had planned to bomb buses and offices. someone who deliberately damages, destroys, or spoils someone else's property or activities, in order to prevent them from doing something (saboter; SABOTAGE)
a member of a clandestine subversive organization who tries to help a potential invader
{i} one who maliciously causes damage, one who intentionally destroys or disrupts
someone who commits sabotage or deliberately causes wrecks
hunt saboteur
A person who does not approve of hunting and tries to sabotage it; used especially in reference to fox hunting
hunt saboteur
A hunt saboteur is someone who tries to stop a hunt from taking place or being successful because they believe it is cruel to the animal being hunted. member of a group that tries to stop people from hunting foxes
plural of saboteur



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    /ˌsabəˈtər/ /ˌsæbəˈtɜr/

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    [ "sa-b&-'t&r, -'tur, -' ] (noun.) 1921. From French saboteur.

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