roll forming

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continuous metal forming method using a series of engineered rolls
A fabrication process whereby the metal sheet is deformed continuously in a linear manner by passing it through a consecutive series of rolls which produce a predetermined profile in it
An operation used in forming sheet Strips of sheet are passed between rolls of definite settings that bend the sheet progressively into structural members of various contours, sometimes called molded sections
A continuous bending operation in which sheet or strip metal is plastically deformed along a linear axis by being passed through a series of roller dies and progressively shaped to the desired contour
Cold forming of metal by repeated passing between rollers
(Metal İşleme) Roll-forming cold forming of metal by repeated passing between rollers
roll forming

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    rōl fôrmîng


    /ˈrōl ˈfôrməɴɢ/ /ˈroʊl ˈfɔːrmɪŋ/

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    [ 'rOl ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English rolle, from Old French, from Latin rotulus, diminutive of rota wheel; akin to Old High German rad wheel, Welsh rhod, Sanskrit ratha wagon.

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