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الإنجليزية - التركية
kaplama duvarı
(İnşaat) örtü
istinat duvarı
(İnşaat) iksa
İKSA DUVARı, KAPLAMA DUVARı: Kenarları yıkılacak ve çökecek kadar dik acılarla yapılan kazılarda, toprağı tutmak için kum torbası, tahta ve çalı çırpıdan yapılan istinat duvarı
dış kaplama
{i} patlayıcılardan korunma barikatı
revetment wall
(İnşaat) kaplama duvar
revetment with steps
(Çevre) yamaç setlemesi
revetment works
(Askeri) tahkimat duvar çalışmaları
slope revetment
yamaç kaplaması
slope revetment
şev kaplaması
bank revetment
kıyı kaplaması
brush revetment
(Askeri) çit refüj
brush revetment
(Askeri) çit iksa
brush revetment
(Askeri) ÇİT İKSA, ÇİT REFÜJ: Kesilip kazıklarla bir duvarın üzerine yamanmış çalı. Bak. "revetment"
crib revetment
(İnşaat) domuzdamı koruma
gentle slope revetment
(Askeri) tatlı eğimli dış duvar
sloping revetment
(Askeri) eğimli dış kaplama
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A layer of stone, concrete, or other hard material supporting the side of an embankment
An armoured building that provides protection against bombs
A facing of stone, cement, sandbags, or other stable material used to protect a wall or bank of earth from erosion
a barrier against explosives
a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment
A sloping surface of stone, concrete or other material used to protect an embankment, natural coast or shoreline against erosion
A retaining fence or wall of stone, timber or turf to support a slope or a rampart, and to prevent slipping
a surface of stone or other building material added for strength to a wall that holds back loose earth, water etc (revêtement, from revêtir )
{i} embankment, large mound or wall used to as a levee or supporting wall; cement or stone facing of an embankment
A retaining wall of masonry built for the purpose of holding back the earth of which the works are composed, e g , for the scarp and counterscarp
Facing of stone or other material, either permanent or temporary, placed along the edge of a stream to stabilize the bank and to protect it from the erosive action of the stream
a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment a barrier against explosives
Facing of stone or other material either permanent or temporary, placed along the edge of a body of water to stabilize the bank and/or protect it from erosion
Facing of stone, wood or any other materials placed on a bank as protection against wave action or current
shore protection structure made with stones laid on a sloping face
A wall of concrete, earth, sandbags, or the like installed for protection, as against the blast of exploding fuel during a rocket abort
(1) A facing of STONE, concrete, etc , to protect an EMBANKMENT, or shore structure, against EROSION by WAVE action or currents (2) A retaining wall (3) (SMP) Facing of STONE, concrete, etc , built to protect a SCARP, EMBANKMENT or shore structure against EROSION by WAVES of CURRENTS
A facing of wood, stone, or any other material, to sustain an embankment when it receives a slope steeper than the natural slope; also, a retaining wall
Material such as blocks of sod, trunks of small trees (pole revetting), or horizontally placed boards used to support the earthen walls on the interior of a field fortification Pole revetting was the preferred choice
Retaining wall to prevent erosion; to face a surface with stone slabs
Usually a mound or wall of earth, masonry, timber, sandbags, or other suitable material erected as a protection for aircraft against small arms or artillery fire, bomb splinters, or blast
plural of revetment