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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} ses gürlüğü
{i} yankılama
resonance box keman gövdesi gibi sesi şiddetlendiren kutu
(Tıp) girişim
{i} fiz. rezonans, seselim
{i} sesi yansıtma
sesi uzatıp şiddetlendirme özelliği
{i} sesi şiddetlendirme özelliği
{i} tını
resonantsesi aksettiren
sesi aksettirme
resonance frequency
(Fizik,Teknik) çınlama frekansı
resonance frequency
(Bilgisayar) çınlama sıklığı
resonance absorption
rezonans absorpsiyonu, çinlanim sogurumu
resonance bridge
rezonans köprüsü, çinlanim köprüsü
resonance curve
rezonans eğrisi
resonance escape probability
rezonanstan uzaklaşma olasılığı
resonance integral
rezonans entegrali, çinlanim tümlevi
resonance level
rezonans seviyesi, çinlanim düzeyi
resonance neutrons
rezonans nötronları, çinlanim nötronları
resonance radiation
rezonans radyasyonu, çinlanim ışınımı
resonance screen
rezonans eleği, yankilasim eleği
resonance state
rezonans hali, çinlanim hali
resonance absorption
(Fizik) rezonans absorpsiyonu
resonance absorption
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans soğurması
resonance absorption
(Fizik) çınlanım soğurumu
resonance bridge
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) rezonans köprüsü
resonance bridge
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) çınlanım köprüsü
resonance capture
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans kapması,rezonans yakalaması
resonance cavity
(Dilbilim) titreşim boşluğu
resonance cavity
(Dilbilim) tınlama boşluğu
resonance chamber
(Dilbilim) tınlama boşluğu
resonance chamber
(Dilbilim) titreşim boşluğu
resonance chamber
(Otomotiv) rezonans odası
resonance chamber
(Otomotiv) yankı odası
resonance circuit
(Fizik) rezonans devresi
resonance circuit
(Fizik) çınlanım çevrimi
resonance energy
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans enerjisi
resonance escape probability
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonanstan kaçma olasılığı
resonance factor
rezonans faktörü
resonance frequency
cinlama frekansi (sikligi)
resonance imaging
rezonanslı görüntüleme
resonance integral
(Fizik) çınlanım tümlevi
resonance integral
(Fizik) rezonans entegrali
resonance integral
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans integrali
resonance lamp
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) rezonans lambası
resonance level
(Fizik) çınlanım düzeyi
resonance level
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans seviyesi
resonance line
(Aydınlatma) rezonans çizgisi
resonance method
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans yöntemi
resonance method
rezonans metodu
resonance method of measurement
cinlamali olcme yontemi
resonance neutron
(Fizik) rezonans nötronu
resonance neutron
(Fizik) çınlanım nötronu
resonance neutrons
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans nötronları
resonance neutrons
(Fizik) çınlanım nötronları
resonance partide
(Fizik) rezonans parçacığı
resonance partide
(Fizik) çınlanım parçacığı
resonance penetration
(Fizik) rezonans penetrasyonu
resonance penetration
(Fizik) çınlanım girimi
resonance phenomena
yankılaşım olayı
resonance phenomena
rezonans olayı
resonance phenomena
çınlanım olayı
resonance phenomenon
(Askeri) titreşim olayı
resonance pipe
(Otomotiv) rezonans borusu
resonance pipe
(Otomotiv) yankı borusu
resonance point
(Otomotiv) rezonans noktası
resonance radiation
(Fizik) çınlanım ışınımı
resonance radiation
(Fizik) rezonans radyasyonu
resonance region
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans bölgesi
resonance scattering
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans saçılması
resonance screen
yankılaşım eleği
resonance screen
rezonans eleği
resonance solenoid
(Otomotiv) rezonans selenoidi
resonance spectrum
(Askeri) titreşim spektrumu
resonance state
(Fizik) çınlanım hali
resonance state
(Fizik) rezonans hah
resonance supercharging
(Otomotiv) rezonanslı aşırıdoldurma
resonance supercharging
(Otomotiv) rezonanslı aşırı doldurma
resonance width
(Nükleer Bilimler) rezonans genişliği
resonance with body
(Otomotiv) gövdede rezonans
cyclotron resonance
siklotron rezonansı
electrical resonance
elektriksel rezonans
electron spin resonance
elektron spin rezonansı
magnetic resonance
manyetik rezonans
microwave resonance
mikrodalga rezonansı
nuclear magnetic resonance
nükleer manyetik rezonans
parallel resonance
paralel rezonans
parallel resonance
koşut çınlanım
proton magnetic resonance
proton manyetik rezonans
electron paramagnetic resonance
elektron paramanyetik rezonansi
ferromagnetic resonance
ferromanyetik rezonans
magnetic resonance imaging
manyetik rezonans görüntüleme
magnetic resonance imaging
(Tıp, İlaç) Manyetik rezonans görüntülemesi: Çok güçlü bir mıknatıs ve radyo dalgaları kullanılarak canlı dokunun görüntülenmesini sağlayan ve iyonizan radyasyon içermeyen kesitsel bir radyolojik inceleme yöntemi
nuclear resonance
nükleer rezonans
parallel resonance
paralel rezonans, koşut çinlanim
phase resonance
faz rezonansi, evre çinlanimi
proton resonance
proton rezonansi
series resonance
seri rezonans
shunt resonance
paralel rezonans, sönt rezonans
velocity resonance
hız rezonansi
effective resonance integral
(Nükleer Bilimler) etkin rezonans integrali
electrical resonance
(Elektrik, Elektronik) elektriksel tınlama
epicadmium resonance integral
(Nükleer Bilimler) üst kadmiyum rezonans integrali
excess resonance integral
(Nükleer Bilimler) aşırı rezonans integrali
fermi resonance
(Kimya) fermi rezonansı
narrow resonance aproximation
(Nükleer Bilimler) dar rezonans yaklaşımı
nuclear magnetic resonance
(Nükleer Bilimler) çekirdek manyetik rezonansı,nükleer magnetik rezonans
nuclear paramagnetic resonance
nükleer paramanyetik rezonans
shunt resonance
paralel rezonans
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The increase in the amplitude of an oscillation of a system under the influence of a periodic force whose frequency is close to that of the system's natural frequency
A short-lived subatomic particle that cannot be observed directly
The property of a compound that can be visualized as having two structures differing only in the distribution of electrons
Something that evokes an association, or a strong emotion
The condition of being resonant
A resonant sound, echo
An increase in the strength or duration of a musical tone produced by sympathetic vibration
able to reinforce sound by sympathetic vibrations
the quality of being able to reinforce sound by sympathetic vibrations
{n} a sound sent back again, an echo
In general this refers to a circumstance in which some aspect of a force-sound waves, for example, has a physical characteristic that "matches" a characteristic of a physical structure, such as the mass of a building, in which case the sound waves will produce vibrations in the building In the case of electromagnetic radiation, resonance implies a "match" between the wavelength of such radiation with the physical size of a structure When resonance occurs, the power in the force is maximally transferred to the physical structure
A spectral peak in the response of a filter, the body of a musical instrument, etc If an external disturbance (for example, an earthquake) happens to match the resonant frequency of an object (for example, a house), the resulting vibration can be greatly amplified SFX Machine uses resonant filters, which have a peak near the cutoff frequency Increasing the Q makes the peak higher and narrower
The concept in which two or more equivalent dot formulas for the same arrangement of atoms (resonance structures) are necessary to describe the bonding in a molecule or ion
An increase in the acoustical pressure in an enclosed (or partially enclosed) space as a result of the dimension of the space interacting with the wavelength of the signal Acoustical resonance in a room results from the combination of a forward-going wave with a backward-going wave resulting from reflections between two opposite, plane, parallel surfaces
The increase in the amplitude of an oscillation of a system under the influence of a periodic force whose frequency is close to that of the systems natural frequency
If something has a resonance for someone, it has a special meaning or is particularly important to to them. The ideas of order, security, family, religion and country had the same resonance for them as for Michael
The act of resounding; the quality or state of being resonant
An electric phenomenon corresponding to that of acoustic resonance, due to the existance of certain relations of the capacity, inductance, resistance, and frequency of an alternating circuit
A prolongation or increase of any sound, either by reflection, as in a cavern or apartment the walls of which are not distant enough to return a distinct echo, or by the production of vibrations in other bodies, as a sounding-board, or the bodies of musical instruments
1 The phenomenon of amplification of a free wave or oscillation of a system by a forced wave or oscillation of exactly equal period The forced wave may arise from an impressed force upon the system or from a boundary condition The growth of the resonant amplitude is characteristically linear in time
If a sound has resonance, it is deep, clear, and strong. His voice had lost its resonance; it was tense and strained. In physics, the relatively large selective response of an object or a system that vibrates in step with an externally applied vibration. Acoustical resonance is the vibration induced in a string of a given pitch when a note of the same pitch is produced nearby, in the sound box of an instrument such as a guitar, or in the mouth or nasal cavity when speaking. Mechanical resonance, such as that produced in a bridge by wind or by marching soldiers, can eventually produce wide swings great enough to cause the bridge's destruction. Resonance in frequency-sensitive electrical circuits makes it possible for certain communication devices to accept signals of some frequencies while rejecting others. Magnetic resonance occurs when electrons or atomic nuclei respond to the application of magnetic fields by emitting or absorbing electromagnetic radiation. See also nuclear magnetic resonance. magnetic resonance magnetic resonance imaging nuclear magnetic resonance electron spin resonance electron paramagnetic resonance EPR
To manifest sympathetic vibration Human cells each have a specific vibration The QRS produces an electromagnetic field, which imitates and creates the same vibration as healthy human cells
This is the vibration frequency of a rotating or moving object When the resonance of many parts of a machine are in synch, the whole machine will vibrate at a greater rate This can cause vibration damage Resonance can cause difficulties in an aircraft, particularly when using a vibration mount with an improperly balanced propeller/spinner wherein the engine is vibrating at one frequency and the propeller at another
A phenomenon of the large amplitudes occurring when the frequency of a force is equal to the natural oscillation frequency of a system Tidal resonance occurs when the natural period of an ocean or sea is close to the period of a tide-producing force See also seiche
a vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system
a condition of "GOING WITH THE FLOW " When vibration is timed to be in synchronism and it is noted that less and less energy is required to then excite the system, resonance is said to occur Pure resonance occurring in a system will allow a system when started vibrating to continue indefinitely In a real system, resistance causes a vibration to dampen out and more and more energy in the form of an outside vibration is required to keep the system in motion In a purely resonant system without resistance when energy is resonantly coupled into it, the energy will continue to build and build It is through resonance that radios can link to the studio It is through resonance that a holosensory beingness such as a "dolphin," a form of Cetacean, determines which frequencies and waveshifts are required to link with a geometrical form to achieve phase-lock with that form
relation of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people
an excited state of a stable particle causing a sharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation
A state in which an orbiting object is subject to periodic gravitational perturbations by another
The condition of vibration amplitude and phase change response caused by a corresponding system sensitivity to a particular forcing frequency A resonance is typically identified by a substantial amplitude increase, and related phase shift
The tendency of an acoustic system to reinforce sounds of a certain frequency, the frequency determined by the shapes and sizes of the components of the system
An ac circuit condition is which inductive and capacitive reactances interact to cause a minimum or maximum circuit impedance
The result of forced vibrations in a body when an applied frequency matches the natural frequency of the body
(1) The inducing of vibrations of a natural rate by a vibrating source having the same frequency (2) The condition in an a-c circuit in which the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance are equal
the quality imparted to voiced speech sounds by the action of the resonating chambers of the throat and mouth and nasal cavities
the quality imparted to voiced speech sounds by the action of the resonating chambers of the throat and mouth and nasal cavities a vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system an excited state of a stable particle causing a sharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation
A phenomenon exhibited by an electrically excited LC circuit in which a comparatively large oscillatory current flows at a certain frequency The change in amplitude as the frequency of the wave approaches or coincides with a natural frequency of the medium
the state of a system in which an abnormally large vibration is produced in response to an external stimulus, occurring when the frequency of the stimulus is the same, or nearly the same, as the natural vibration frequency of the system
An ac circuit condition in which inductive and capacitive interact to cause a minimum or maximum circuit impedance
When a forcing frequency is the same as a resonant frequency of the structure, the structure is said to be in resonance
An exchange of energy between two systems at a specific frequency [Chapter 3]
A relationship in which the orbital period of one body is related to that of another by a simple integer fraction, such as 1/2, 2/3, 3/5
An ac circuit condition in which inductive and capacitive reactance interact to cause a minimum or maximum circuit impedance
having the character of a loud deep sound; the quality of being resonant
A function on a filter in which a narrow band of frequencies (the resonant peak) becomes relatively more prominent If the resonant peak is high enough, the filter will begin to oscillate, producing an audio output even in the absence of input Filter resonance is also known as emphasis and Q It is also referred to in some older instruments as regeneration or feedback, because feedback was used in the circuit to produce a resonant peak
locations in the Solar System wherein the mean orbital motion of an asteroid is an exact integer ratio of Jupiter's mean orbital motion For example, an asteroid at the 3: 1 resonance makes three revolutions around the Sun for every one made by Jupiter
A term used in spectroscopy that descibes a place where the energy of a transition for an atom or molecule is matched by the energy of a an electromagnetic wave We can see where the resonances are by looking at a spectrum
{i} act of producing an echo, prolongation of sound through reverberation
resonance effect
the mesomeric effect
resonance energy
The characteristic energy at which the amplitude of a system undergoing resonance is enhanced
resonance hybrid
a compound for which no simple structure can be written, but actually has a structure midway between two simple ones - normally one polar and one nonpolar
electron spin resonance
The absorption of radiation by species having unpaired electrons when placed in a magnetic field that is used spectroscopically to detect and study free radicals
functional magnetic resonance imaging
A form of magnetic resonance imaging that records the flow of blood to areas of the brain when the patient is undertaking a specific neural activity
magnetic resonance imaging
A technique that uses nuclear magnetic resonance to form cross sectional images of the human body for diagnostic purposes
nuclear magnetic resonance
The absorption of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves), at a specific frequency, by an atomic nucleus placed in a strong magnetic field; used in spectroscopy and in magnetic resonance imaging
nuclear quadrupole resonance
a technique, allied to nuclear magnetic resonance, that has a number of academic and practical applications
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
{i} (Medicine) MRI, diagnostic technique which uses a magnetic field and radio waves to provide computerized images of internal body tissues
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
non-radiation-based imaging technique in which a substance or body part is subjected to a magnetic field, NMR
electron spin resonance
microwave spectroscopy in which there is resonant absorption of radiation by a paramagnet
electron spin resonance
or electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) Technique of spectroscopic analysis (see spectroscopy) used to identify paramagnetic substances (see paramagnetism) and investigate the nature of the bonding within molecules by identifying unpaired electrons and their interaction with their immediate surroundings. Unpaired electrons, because of their spin, behave like tiny magnets and can be lined up in an applied magnetic field; energy applied by alternating microwave radiation is absorbed when its frequency coincides with that of precession of the electron magnets in the sample. The graph or spectrum of radiation absorbed as the field changes gives information valuable in chemistry, biology, and medicine
functional magnetic resonance imaging
a form of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain that registers blood flow to functioning areas of the brain
magnetic resonance
The phenomenon of absorption of certain frequencies of radio and microwave radiation by atoms placed in a magnetic field. The pattern of absorption reveals molecular structure. Absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation by electrons or atomic nuclei in response to certain magnetic fields. The principles of magnetic resonance are used to study the atomic and nuclear properties of matter; two common laboratory techniques are nuclear magnetic resonance and electron spin resonance. In medicine, magnetic resonance imaging is used to produce images of human tissue
magnetic resonance
resonance of electrons or atoms or molecules or nuclei to radiation frequencies as a result of space quantization in a magnetic field
magnetic resonance imager
{i} MRI, electronic device used to produce an image of internal body parts by using magnetic forces
magnetic resonance imaging
The use of a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer to produce electronic images of specific atoms and molecular structures in solids, especially human cells, tissues, and organs. MRI the process of using strong magnetic fields to make an image of the inside of someone's body for medical reasons. Computer production of images from magnetic resonance. The structural and biochemical information it provides is helpful in the diagnosis of abnormalities without the possibly harmful effects of X rays or gamma rays. It is invaluable in detecting and delineating tumours and in providing images of the brain, the heart, and other soft-tissue organs. MRI may produce anxiety because the patient must often lie quietly inside a narrow tube. Another disadvantage is that it requires a longer scanning time than other computer-assisted forms of scanning, which makes it more sensitive to motion and of less value in scanning the chest or abdomen. However, MRI images provide better contrast between normal and diseased tissue than those produced by other computer-assisted imagery
magnetic resonance imaging
the use of nuclear magnetic resonance of protons to produce proton density images
nuclear magnetic resonance
The absorption of electromagnetic radiation of a specific frequency by an atomic nucleus that is placed in a strong magnetic field, used especially in spectroscopic studies of molecular structure and in medicine to measure rates of metabolism. Selective absorption of very high-frequency radio waves by certain atomic nuclei subjected to a strong stationary magnetic field. Nuclei that have at least one unpaired proton or neutron act like tiny magnets. When a strong magnetic field acts on such nuclei, it sets them into precession. When the natural frequency of the precessing nuclear magnets corresponds to the frequency of a weak external radio wave striking the material, energy is absorbed by the nuclei at a frequency called the resonant frequency. NMR is used to study the molecular structure of various solids and liquids. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a version of NMR used in medicine to view soft tissues of the human body in a hazard-free, noninvasive way
nuclear magnetic resonance
resonance of protons to radiation in a magnetic field
nuclear resonance
the resonance absorption of a gamma ray by a nucleus identical to the nucleus that emitted the gamma ray
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(Tıp) (MRI)

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