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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Otomotiv) direnç elemanı
ayarlı direnç
{i} rezistör
resistor colour code
direnç renk kodu
resistor cable
direnç kablosu
resistor room
direnç odası
resistor spark plug
(Otomotiv) dirençli buji
resistor termination card
direnç terminal kartı
resistor unit
direnç ünitesi
adjustable resistor
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) ayarlanır direnç
bleeder resistor
kaçak direnci
decoupling resistor
(Bilgisayar) bağlaşım-önler direnç
decoupling resistor
bağlaşım önler direnç
end of line resistor
(Elektrik, Elektronik) hat sonu direnci
adjustable resistor
ayarlanabilir direnç
ballast resistor
balast direnci
bias resistor
katot direnci
carbon dust resistor
karbon tozu direnci
carbon film resistor
karbon film direnci
carbon resistor
karbon direnç
cathode resistor
katot direnci
cermet resistor
sermet direnç
composite resistor
bileşik direnç
current limiting resistor
akım sınırlama direnci
dropping resistor
gerilim düşürücü direnç
inductive resistor
endüktif direnç
linear resistor
lineer direnç
variable resistor
değişken resistör
bifilar resistor
çift sarımlı telli direnç
film resistor
film direnç
fixed resistor
sabit direnç
flexible resistor
bükülebilir direnç
grid resistor
ızgara direnci
tapped resistor
prizli direnç, ara üçlü direnç
thin film resistor
ince film direnç
ballast resistor
(Otomotiv) yük direnci
ballast resistor
(Otomotiv) sekonder sargı
ballast resistor
(Otomotiv) dirençli kablo
bleeder resistor
kacak direnci
decoupling resistor
baglasim-onler direnc
grid resistor
elektrot direnci
heater resistor
(Otomotiv) kalorifer rezistörü
heating resistor
(Otomotiv) ısıtıcı direnç
injector ballast resistor
(Otomotiv) enjektör balast resistörü
injector ballast resistor
(Otomotiv) enjektör yük resistörü
suppressor resistor
parazit giderici rezistörü
tapped resistor
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) prizli direnç
variable resistor
(Elektrik, Elektronik) bağımsız direnç
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
An electronic component that transmits current in direct proportion to the voltage across it
One who resists, especially a person who fights against an occupying army
A device used to control current in an electric circuit by providing resistance
A device used to control current in an electric circuit by providing resistance The flex sensor, force sensor and SoftPot potentiometer are all resistive technologies
All substances which conduct an electric current do so to varying degrees The degree to which they do so is their resistance The term resistor usually means a component designed to offer a known resistance to the current flow
an electronic circuit component/device that has electrical resistance and that is used in an electric circuit for protection, voltage division, or current control back to top
An apparatus possessing resistance to electrical current When attached to a Ni-Cd battery, a resistor will drain the power that is in the battery
A basic component in electronic circuits that resists the flow of electrical current Resistance is denominated in Ohms Higher resistance results in less current All electrical components (except superconductors) have some resistance, wanted or not Most home speakers are nominally rated at 8 Ohms of resistance (4 Ohms for cars), but in reality the resistance is closer to 6 Ohms in most of the band, has a peak of 20-100 Ohms at resonance, and also rises at high frequencies due to voice coil inductance
An electrical device that resists electric current flow
This is an electronic device which simply resists the flow of current Higher resistor Ohm values offer more resistance to the flow of current
A device used to restrict the flow of current in a circuit
circuit component designed to provide a specific amount of resistance to current flow
An electronic component that is deliberately designed to have a specific amount of resistance
a two-terminal device designed to have the property of resistance It is usually desirable that a resistor should obey Ohm's law and have a resistance that is fairly stable against temperature changes Most resistors are painted with a code consisting of coloured bands which tell you the resistance
{i} (Electricity) device that causes electrical resistance (used to control the flow of an electrical current)
A component that nominally 'resists' electrical current flow in a linear manner - i e doubling the voltage applied doubles the current The values of the component is specified in Ohms See Ohms Law
a device used in an electrical circuit to oppose the flow of an electric current
a component of an electrical circuit intended to offer resistance to electrical current flow
A device that resists the flow of electrical current for the purpose of operation, protection or control There are two types of resistors-fixed and variable A fixed resistor has a fixed value of ohms while a variable resistor is adjustable
an electrical device that resists the flow of electrical current
Any device of material that limits the flow of current when voltage is applied
A device that opposes the flow of electricity
A discrete electronic component designed to produce a DC voltage drop when current passes through it
a circuit element that presents a resistance to the flow of electric current A current flowing through a resistance will create a voltage drop across that resistance in accordance with Ohm's law
A device that resists the flow of electrical current for the purpose of operation, protection or control There are two types of resistors - fixed and variable A fixed resistor has a fixed value of ohms while a variable resistor is adjustable
A device which is designed to impart a specific resistance
A resistor is a device which is designed to increase the ability of an electric circuit to stop the flow of an electric current through it. a piece of wire or other material used for increasing electrical resistance
A component which offers resistance to the flow of electric current
A passive electrical device that adds resistance to a circuit
Passive component with a known resistance The value of resistance is usually shown by a set of coloured bands on the body of the component
ballast resistor
An electrical resistor whose resistance varies with the current passing through it, and thus tends to maintain a constant current
carbon resistor
a simple electrical resistor containing carbon granules in a binder
light dependent resistor
A photoresistor
ballast resistor
a resistor inserted into a circuit to compensate for changes (as those arising from temperature fluctuations)
components used to reduce, oppose, or restrict current flow
– electric components manufactured especially for their resistance
devices designed to resist the flow of current in an electrical circuit In integrated circuits, resistors of different values are manufactured by controlling the level of doping in N-type semiconductor
plural of resistor
are passive components that restrict current flow They are used in virtually all electronic circuits Resistor categories include foil, thin film, thick film, metal oxide film, carbon film, and wirewound Resistive products also include resistor networks and arrays, in which multiple components are combined in a single package, and thermistors (thermally sensitive resistors)
variable resistor
device that allows one to change electrical resistance
variable resistor
a resistor with a sliding contact that permits changing the resistance value
variable resistor
A circuit component whose resistance is can varied manually
variable resistor
A wire-wound resistor in which resistance can be changed to vary the amount of current or voltage that the resistor passes through the circuit 4
variable resistor
rheostat: resistor for regulating current