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الإنجليزية - التركية

Çoğu onun tavsiyeye dirençli olduğuna ikna olmuş. - Many are convinced that he is resistant to advice.

Bu bakteri mevcut tüm antibiyotiklere karşı dirençli. - This bacteria is resistant to every available antibiotic.

{s} dayanıklı

Ben soğuğa karşı dayanıklıyım. - I am resistant to cold.

Bu bakteri penisiline karşı dayanıklıdır. - This bacterium is resistant to penicillin.

(Biyoloji) rezistan
{s} karşı koyan

İnsanlar bazen değişmeye karşı koyandır. - People are sometimes resistant to change.

{s} to -e dayanıklı/dirençli. fire-resistant
{s} ateşe dayanıklı. water-resistant
{s} suya dayanıklı
mukavemet eden
karşı gelen
resistant to
-e dirençli
resistant to
-e dayanıklı
resistant to bleaching
agartmaya karşı has
resistant to shrinking
çekmeye karşı has
resistant boiling
kaynatmaya karşı dirençli
resistant mineral
dayanıklı mineral
resistant shrinking
çekmeye karşı dirençli
resistant to

Bu bitkiler zararlı ot ilaçlarına karşı dayanıklıdır. - These plants are resistant to weed killers.

Bu bakteri penisiline karşı dayanıklıdır. - This bacterium is resistant to penicillin.

resistant to
resistant to ageing
(Tekstil) buharlamaya karşı has
resistant to ageing
(Tekstil) buharlamaya karşı dirençli
resistant to ageing
(Tekstil) buharlama haslığı
resistant to bleaching
(Tekstil) ağartmaya karşı dirençli
resistant to bleaching
(Tekstil) ağartmaya karşı has
resistant to boiling
(Tekstil) kaynatmaya karşı has
resistant to boiling
(Tekstil) kaynatmaya karşı dirençli
resistant to fermantation
fermantasyona dayanıklı
resistant to levofloxacine
(Tıp) levofloksasine dirençli
resistant to seepage
sızmaya karşı mukavim
resistant to shrinking
(Tekstil) çekmeye karşı dirençli
abrasion resistant
(Tekstil) sürtünmeye dayanıklı
earthquake resistant
depreme dayanıklı
impact resistant
darbeye dayanıklı
swell resistant
alkali resistant
alkaliye karşı dayanıklı
base resistant
bazlara dirençli
chlorine resistant
klora dayanıklı
corrosion resistant austenitic cast iron
aşınmaya dayanıklı östenitli dökme demir
corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel
aşınmaya dayanıklı östenitli paslanmaz  çelik
aşınmaya dayanıklı
down resistant
tüy geçmez
fire resistant
ateşe dayanıklı
flame resistant
ateş almaz
heat resistant
ısıya dayanıklı
lye resistant
sudkostiğe dayanıklı
moisture resistant
neme karşı dayanıklı
shock resistant
şok dirençli
shock resistant
sarsma dirençli
water resistant
su geçirmez
alcohol resistant foam
alkole dayanıklı köpük
bolting resistant
tohuma kalkmayan
bullet resistant
bullet dayanıklı
corrosion resistant
Korozyona dayanıklı
Kolayca kırışmayan/buruşmayan
Kuraklığa dayanıklı

Drought-resistant plants.

earthquake-resistant structure
depreme dayanıklı yapı
flame resistant
alev almaz
ısıya dayanıklı
zararlılara/haşereye dayanıklı pamuk
paslanmaya dayanıklı
Çizilmeye dayanıklı
shock resistant
şok dirençli, sarsma dirençli
swell resistant
tamper resistant
dayanıklı tamper
track resistant
İz oluşumuna karşı dayanıklı
Suya dayanıklı
water-resistant jacket
suya dayanıklı ceket
weather resistant
hava geçirmez
abrasion resistant
(Tekstil) aşınmaya dayanıklı
acid resistant
aside dayanıklı
air resistant
(Mimarlık) hava dayanıklı
alkali resistant
(Tekstil) alkaliye dayanıklı
bacteria resistant
(Tekstil) bakterilere dayanıklı
chemical resistant
kimyasal maddelere dayanıklı
corrosion resistant
korozyona uğramaz
corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel
aşınmaya dayanıklı östenitli paslanmaz çelik
corrosion resistant steel
korozyona dayanıklı çelik
down resistant
(Tekstil) tüy geçmez, kuştüyü geçmez
earthquake resistant design
depreme dayanıklı tasarım
ecm resistant voice
(Askeri) ecm'ye dayanıklı ses devresi
fatigue resistant design
(Askeri) yorulmaya dirençli tasarım
flame resistant
aleve dayanır
gas resistant sack
(Askeri) GAZ GEÇİRMEZ TORBA: Kirletilmiş eşyayı muhafaza ve nakletmek için kullanılan gaz geçirmez torba
grease resistant
(Tekstil) yağa karşı dayanıklı
heavy resistant exercise
(Askeri) AĞIR MUKAVEMET EGZERSİZLERİ: Ağır bir yüke (demir ağırlıklar, gülle vesaire kaldırmak suretiyle) mukavemet ederek yapılan egzersizler. Bak. "exercise"
lye resistant
(Tekstil) sudkostige dayanıklı
mildew resistant
(Tekstil) küflenmeye dayanıklı
moisture resistant
neme dayanıklı
rot resistant
(Tekstil) çürümeye dayanıklı
travel resistant factors
(Turizm) seyahate direnç faktörleri
wear resistant
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
That which is not overcome by a disease or drug

The infection is resistant to antibiotics.

Not greatly influenced by individual members of a sample
A person who resists; especially a member of a resistance movement
That which makes resistance or offers opposition
A thing which resists
offering or tending to produce resistance
If something is resistant to a particular thing, it is not harmed by it. how to improve plants to make them more resistant to disease
Making resistance; resisting
incapable of being affected; "resistant to persuasion"
One who, or that which, resists
incapable of absorbing or mixing with; "a water-repellent fabric"; "plastic highly resistant to steam and water"
relating to or conferring immunity (to disease or infection)
Someone who is resistant to something is opposed to it and wants to prevent it. Some people are very resistant to the idea of exercise
Possessing qualities that hinder development of a given pathogen
A characteristic of a statistical procedure which is not greatly influenced by the presence of outliers Procedures involving medians and quartiles are in general more resistant than those involving means and standard deviations
able to grow in the presence of a particular drug
disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority
Does not allow something to happen to it easily, such as heat or corrosion
{s} opposed, resisting; immune to the effects of
incapable of being affected; "resistant to persuasion
fire resistant
substance or structure capable of withstanding fire, either permanently or for a pre-determined time
Resistant to but not wholly proof from the effects of fire or intense heat
That resists the damaging action of water to some extent
that slows the penetration of water (but is not waterproof)
Of fabric that does not wrinkle easily, creaseproof, wrinkleproof, wrinkle-resistant
resistant to rust
protected against damage from bombs
earthquake resistant
designed to withstand the force of earthquakes
earthquake-resistant structure
Building designed to prevent total collapse, preserve life, and minimize damage in case of an earthquake or tremor. Earthquakes exert lateral as well as vertical forces, and a structure's response to their random, often sudden motions is a complex task that is just beginning to be understood. Earthquake-resistant structures absorb and dissipate seismically induced motion through a combination of means: damping decreases the amplitude of oscillations of a vibrating structure, while ductile materials (e.g., steel) can withstand considerable inelastic deformation. If a skyscraper has too flexible a structure, then tremendous swaying in its upper floors can develop during an earthquake. Care must be taken to provide built-in tolerance for some structural damage, resist lateral loading through stiffeners (diagonal sway bracing), and allow areas of the building to move somewhat independently
heat resistant
able to withstand the effects of heat
not easily damaged by heat
a reformer who believes in passive resistance
unaffected by penicillin; "penicillin-resistant bacteria
penicillin-resistant bacteria
bacteria that are unaffected by penicillin
penicillinase-resistant antibiotic
a form of penicillin that is not rendered inactive by penicillinase
tamper resistant
In cryptographic terms, this usually refers to a hardware device that is either impossible or extremely difficult to reverse engineer or extract information from
water resistant
A watch bearing the inscription "water-resistant" on its case back can handle light moisture, such as a rainstorm or sink splashes, but should not be worn swimming or diving If the watch can be submerged in water, it must state at what depth it maintains water-resistance, i e 50 meters (165 feet) or more on most sport watches Below 200 meters, the watch may be used for skin diving and even scuba diving depending upon the indicated depths Sometimes water-resistance is measured in atmospheres (ATM), which is equal to 10 meters of water pressure (Some European-made watches use the term "bar" instead) Straps other than metal bracelets may not be water-resistant New water-resistant versions of nylon, rubber, and other synthetics are a trend in sport watches Watches come in different water resistant depths and diver's depths
water resistant
To be called "water-resistant",the Federal Trade Commission requires that a watch not admit moisture if immersed for 5 minutes at a depth of 34 feet (15 lbs per square inch) and for at least 5 minutes at a depth of 113 feet (50 lbs per square inch)
water resistant
Used to describe fabrics that initially repel water under low impact, but eventually get soaked This is achieved through dense construction or coating Most nylon, microfiber, and other shell fabrics are water resistant, but not waterproof
water resistant
A watch that is moderately waterproof & will withstand unexpected exposure to water for a very short time (such as splashes) Does not always mean the watch is submersible
water resistant
something that is water resistant does not allow water to enter easily
water resistant
{s} preventing penetration of water but not entirely, water repellent
water resistant
Will withstand splashes of water or rain but should not be worn while swimming or diving
Something that is water-resistant does not allow water to pass through it easily, or is not easily damaged by water. Microfibre fabrics are both water resistant and windproof
weather resistant
resisting the effects of bad and serious weather; protects against bad weather
التركية - الإنجليزية

تعريف resistant في التركية الإنجليزية القاموس.

yağlı kâğıt a wrapping paper resistant
to oil or grease



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    /rēˈzəstənt/ /riːˈzɪstənt/

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    [ -t&nt ] (adjective.) 15th century. From French résistant


    ... stay ahead of drug-resistant bacteria are paper thin material that stronger ...
    ... of drug resistant tuberculosis, those can travel around the world and they pose a danger ...

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