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a person to whom a secret is entrusted
a location for storage, often for safety or preservation
a burial vault
a place in which goods are stored
A repository is a place where something is kept safely. A church in Moscow became a repository for police files. = store
a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping
1 A store of items that typically are fetched in order to perform some task Items in a repository (such as a document) would be retrieved in order to be used in their own right In contrast, data in a database might be used to compute statistics, or to verify access, or retrieve information associated with a triggering event, rather than used as an artifact in their own right The distinction is not a hard one, however 2 An information system used to store and access architectural information, relationships among the information elements, and work products [Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework] See knowledge base
{n} a place where any thing is safely
The storage facility at the Relay for holding file data in escrow until the recipient completes the transfer All transferred data is held in a secure location and is stripped of all identifying attributes Support engineers do not have access to user data The Repository acts a buffer between sender and recipient to keep the flow of data as smooth as possible
Electronic store of structured information [UeB Glossary]
a record office, archives unit, library or other institution where archives are held, cared for and made available for researchers and members of the public
A facility such as a museum, archaeological center, laboratory, or storage facility that is managed by a university, college, museum, other educational or scientific institution, a federal, state, or local government agency, or Indian tribe that can provide professional, systematic, and accountable curatorial services on a long-term basis (36 CFR Part 79)
Passive data dictionary or encyclopedia that offers a single point of definition for all application components META Group refers to an OO version of a repository as an "objectory "
In VisualAge for Java, the permanent storage area containing all open and versioned editions of all program elements, regardless of whether they are currently in the workspace The repository contains the source code for classes developed in (and provided with) VisualAge for Java, and the bytecode for classes imported from the file system Every time you save a method in the IDE, it is automatically updated in the repository See also SCM repository and shared repository
[n] a place where something is deposited or stored
a burial vault (usually for some famous person)
An integrated holding area for enterprise meta data The contents should be definable, loadable, and retrievable regardless of the originating tool, platform, programming language, or DBMS DAMA web site at www dmreview com
A database, complete with tools, which stores and permits the management of information In LandData BC the repository contains metadata
A permanent disposal place for radioactive wastes
A system that manages all of the data of an enterprise, including data and process models and other enterprise information Hence, the data in a repository is much more extensive than that in a Data Dictionary, which generally defines only the data making up a database
A computer system used to store digital library collections and disseminate them to users
A shared database with the complete revision history of all files under version control
A centralized database that contains all diagrams, forms and report definitions, data structure, data definitions, process flows and logic, and definitions of other organizational and system components; it provides a set of mechanisms and structures to achieve seamless data-to-tool and data-to-data integration (4) See also Data dictionary, I-CASE, Information repository, Project workbook
is a facility for storing descriptions and behaviours of objects within an organisation, and is a single point of access for definitions on all system resources
The name, location, abbreviation and URL of the individual, group or organization that owns or houses the work These can be museums, libraries, corporate headquarters, private collectors, or others e g Washington State Arts Commission for Punk Bear Spirit
The name of the institution where the records are held
{i} storeroom, warehouse; plentiful source, wellspring; archive, museum, location where valuable documents or artwork is stored; sepulcher, tomb
The database that stores vital information about the managed cluster including: users, nodes, node groups, roles, tools, and authorizations
A database that contains information regarding certificates
A place where things are or may be reposited, or laid up, for safety or preservation; a depository
A tool independent of both DBMS and CASE products designed to collect and organize all analysis and design information regardless of source   Repositories can collect information about the components of the data and process model components developed using the CASE tools, as well as that information collected about non-model Information systems components such as data elements, records, programs, systems, files, and users   Repositories maintain facilities to document attributes, entities and relationships, functions and processes, screens and reports, data flows, data stores, missions, goals, objectives, critical success factors, users and organization structures, and other data and process model components
shared database of project information (as a passive kernel for information integration), -> central/main repository, -> local repository
A repository is an Internet site that maintains and distributes a collection of software packages In GAMS some repositories are free public-access sites, such as netlib, while others are computer systems accessible only by NIST staff (In the latter case GAMS has made special arrangements to redistribute selected components )
a burial vault (usually for some famous person) a person to whom a secret is entrusted
A database of certificates and other relevant information accessible on-line
a generic term used to denote any logically centralized database capable of storing information and disseminating that information when requested to do so
content repository
The main repository of a content management system
deep geological repository
A concept that involves the placement of long-lived radioactive waste, often spent nuclear fuel, in rooms excavated deep within stable, low-permeability bedrock
plural of repository