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A female given name for a girl with raven hair, used since the 1970s
Of the color of the raven; jet-black

She was a tall, sophisticated, raven-haired beauty.

To devour with great eagerness
Rapine; rapacity
Prey; plunder; food obtained by violence
To prey with rapacity; to be greedy; to show rapacity

The raven is both a scavenger, who ravens a dead animal almost like a vulture, and a bird of prey, who commonly ravens to catch a rodent.

A common name for several, generally large and lustrous black species of birds in the genus Corvus, especially the common raven, Corvus corax
To obtain or seize by violence
{n} a carrion-fowl
{v} to devour greedily
for a girl with raven hair used since the 1970s
prey on or hunt for; "These mammals predate certain eggs"
{i} any of several species of large black birds (such as crows)
(Northwestern tribes) Another trickster god Very greedy, forever seeking food Raven stole the moon from a miser and placed it in the sky
eat greedily; "he devoured three sandwiches"
large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail
large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail feed greedily; "The lions ravened the bodies"
prey on or hunt for; "These mammals predate certain eggs
feed greedily; "The lions ravened the bodies"
A raven is a large bird with shiny black feathers and a deep harsh call. a large shiny black bird. raven hair is black and shiny. Any of several species (genus Corvus, crow family Corvidae) of heavy-billed, usually solitary, songbirds, once abundant throughout the Northern Hemisphere but now restricted to undisturbed areas. The common raven (C. corax), the biggest passerine, grows to 26 in. (66 cm) long and has a wingspan of more than 4 ft (1.3 m). The dark, iridescent plumage is shaggy, especially around the throat. Ravens eat rodents, insects, grain, birds' eggs, and, in winter, carrion and refuse. Captive nestlings may learn to mimic a few words. The large nest, a crude structure of sticks, is built high on a cliff or treetop
It is native of the northern parts of Europe, Asia, and America, and is noted for its sagacity
{s} having a glossy black coloring
Heb 'orebh, from a root meaning "to be black" (comp Cant 5: 11); first mentioned as "sent forth" by Noah from the ark (Gen 8: 7) "Every raven after his kind" was forbidden as food (Lev 11: 15; Deut 14: 14) Ravens feed mostly on carrion, and hence their food is procured with difficulty (Job 38: 41; Ps 147: 9) When they attack kids or lambs or weak animals, it is said that they first pick out the eyes of their victims (Prov 30: 17) When Elijah was concealed by the brook Cherith, God commanded the ravens to bring him "bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening" (1 Kings 17: 3-6) (See
Of the color of the raven; jet black; as, raven curls; raven darkness
A large black passerine bird (Corvus corax), similar to the crow, but larger
A large black bird (Corvus corax), similar to the crow, but larger
obtain or seize by violence
combines the Internet, videocassettes and audio/video technologies to deliver classes at locations away from our main campus RAVEN is a new experience for everyone here at Mayland
large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail feed greedily; "The lions ravened the bodies" prey on or hunt for; "These mammals predate certain eggs
{f} gorge, eat voraciously; ravage, plunder, seize
Having hair that is very black and lustrous
{n} a species of thin duck for light sails
common raven
A large all-black passerine bird in the crow family, Corvus corax
A bird active at night, sometimes identified with a specific species such as a night-owl or nightjar, and sometimes seen as a separate animal in its own right

sad Horrour with grim hew, / Did alwayes sore, beating his yron wings; / And after him Owles and Night-rauens flew, / The hatefull messengers of heauy things .

northern raven
A common raven, Corvus corax
Voracious and greedy

There is no shortage of ravening friends and relatives on the day one hits the lottery.

eager for prey or gratification

Supply-and-demand? One begins to be weary of such work. Leave all to egoism, to ravenous greed of money, of pleasure, of applause: — it is the Gospel of Despair!.

very hungry
furiously voracious or hungry
{a} voracious, raging, very hungry
{a} with raging voracity, greedily
The raven
The raven
night raven
any bird that cries at night
past of raven
Greedily devouring; rapacious; as, ravening wolves
excessively greedy and grasping; "a rapacious divorcee on the prowl"; "ravening creditors"; "paying taxes to voracious governments"
ravening animals are hungry and dangerous (Present participle of raven (15-20 centuries), from raviner, from rapere; RAPE)
devouring or craving food in great quantities; "edacious vultures"; "a rapacious appetite"; "ravenous as wolves"; "voracious sharks"
Eagerness for plunder; rapacity; extortion
living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey; "a predatory bird"; "the rapacious wolf"; "raptorial birds"; "ravening wolves"; "a vulturine taste for offal"
devouring or craving food in great quantities; "edacious vultures"; "a rapacious appetite"; "ravenous as wolves"; "voracious sharks"
{s} famished, extremely hungry; gluttonous, voracious; eager, avid
Devouring with rapacious eagerness; furiously voracious; hungry even to rage; as, a ravenous wolf or vulture
If you are ravenous, you are extremely hungry. Amy realized that she had eaten nothing since leaving Bruton Street, and she was ravenous. = starving + ravenously rav·en·ous·ly She began to eat ravenously. very hungry starving (ravineux, from rapere; RAPE)
Eager for prey or gratification; as, a ravenous appetite or desire
extremely hungry; "they were tired and famished for food and sleep"; "a ravenous boy"; "the family was starved and ragged"; "fell into the esurient embrance of a predatory enemy"
as if ravenous; voraciously
with a voracious appetite, hungrily; avidly, eagerly, passionately, zealously
in the manner of someone who is very hungry; "he pounced on the food hungrily"
Plural of raven
sea raven
An American cottoid fish (Hemitripterus Americanus) allied to the sculpins, found on the northern Atlantic coasts
sea raven
The cormorant
sea raven
large sculpin of western Atlantic; inflates itself when caught
sea raven
A large sculpin (Hemitripterus americanus) of the North Atlantic
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    /ˈrāvən/ /ˈreɪvən/

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    [ rA-v&n ] (noun.) before 12th century. Old English hræfn, from Proto-Germanic *hrabnaz (compare Dutch raaf, German Rabe, Danish ravn), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱorbh- (compare Middle Irish crú 'raven', Latin corbus 'crow', corvus 'raven', Lithuanian krauklys 'crow', Polish kruk 'raven', Ancient Greek korṓnē 'crow', Sanskrit karaţa, karāva 'crow'), from *ḱer, ḱor (compare Latin crepare 'to creak, crack', Lithuanian kraukia 'it croaks', Sanskrit kṛpate 'he laments, implores').


    ravens, ravening, ravened

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