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the antecedent in a conditional sentence

example: In, I will be coming if this weather holds up, this weather holds up is the protasis.

the first part of a play, in which the setting and characters are introduced
(Dilbilim) In drama, a protasis is the introductory part of a play, usually its first act. It was coined by the fourth-century Roman grammarian Aelius Donatus. He defined a play as being made up of three separate parts, the other two being epitasis and catastrophe
(Dilbilim) In linguistics, a protasis is the subordinate clause (the if-clause) in a conditional sentence. For example, in "if X, then Y", the protasis is "if X". The other clause ("then Y") is called the apodosis
The introductory or subordinate member of a sentence, generally of a conditional sentence; opposed to apodosis
A proposition; a maxim
The first part of a drama, of a poem, or the like; the introduction; opposed to epitasis




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    [ 'prä-t&-s&s ] (noun.) circa 1568. From Ancient Greek πρότασις προτείνω (“put forward, tender”) πρό + τείνω (“stretch”).

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