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property right
mülkiyet hakkı
intellectual property rights
Fikri mülkiyet hakları
establishment of incorporal rights on property
(Avrupa Birliği) mülkiyetin gayri ayni hak tesisi
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The exclusive right of possessing, enjoying, and disposing of a thing
the rights of an owner of private property; these typically include the right to use the property as she sees fit (subject to certain restrictions, such as zoning) and the right to sell it when and to whom she sees fit
Rights of individuals and companies to own and use property as they see fit and to receive the stream of income that their property generates
(a) Cable customers have very limited property rights to cable equipment and material in or on their premises, while telephone customers own their inside wiring All Connecticut cable companies have a condition of service clause similar to the following
The broad powers individuals have to use, sell, rent, dispose of, or enhance the value of their goods
Property rights include fee simple and leasehold Fee simple is the highest form of ownership and is the most common form of ownership or property right If you need further explanation on the types before making this selection, please review the definitions in the glossary
The false belief that you can do anything you want, including destroying streams, animals and their habitat, on land you buy
Cases involving land and items attached to land
rights over the use, sale and proceeds from a good or resource (chapters 2 and 15)
refer to a bundle of entitlements defining the owner's rights, privileges, and limitations for use of a resource
Social arrangements that govern the ownership, use, and disposal of property
the rights of an individual to own property and keep the income earned from it
Any type of right to specific property
intellectual property rights
Property rights over intellectual material (such as literature, music, patents, brand names, trademarks, etc.)
property right
the right of ownership
property rights


    prop·er·ty rights

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    präpırti rayts


    /ˈpräpərtē ˈrīts/ /ˈprɑːpɜrtiː ˈraɪts/

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    [ 'prä-p&r-tE ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English proprete, from Middle French propreté, from Latin proprietat-, proprietas, from proprius own.


    ... a cat in Silicon Valley without hitting someone who thinks that property rights are an important ...
    ... between property rights and human rights. This is the sort of division that, while it ...

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