poet laureate

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saray şairi
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
One who received an honorable degree in grammar, including poetry and rhetoric, at the English universities; -- so called as being presented with a wreath of laurel
A poet officially appointed by a government, often expected to compose poems for state occasions and other government events
Formerly, an officer of the king's household, whose business was to compose an ode annually for the king's birthday, and other suitable occasions; now, a poet officially distinguished by such honorary title, the office being a sinecure. It is said this title was first given in the time of Edward IV
the poet officially appointed to the royal household in Great Britain; "the Poet Laureate is expected to provide poems for great national occasions
official poet of the royal household who was formerly expected to write poems and songs for royal events (Britain); poet appointed national laureate poet for one year (USA); famous poet
The poet laureate is the official poet of a country. In Britain the poet laureate is paid by the government for the rest of their life. In the United States they are paid for a fixed period. poets laureate a poet who is chosen by a king, queen, president etc to write poems on important national occasions. Title first granted in England for poetic excellence. Begun in 1616, the office was formally established in 1668 and has been continuous since then. Its holder, a salaried member of the British royal household, was formerly expected to compose poems for court or national occasions, but since the appointment of William Wordsworth in 1843 the office has been a reward for eminence in poetry and has carried no specific duties. In 1985 the U.S. government created the title of poet laureate, to be held by the consultant in poetry to the Library of Congress
poet laureate


    poet lau·re·ate

    التركية النطق

    pōıt lôriıt


    laureate, major poet


    /ˈpōət ˈlôrēət/ /ˈpoʊət ˈlɔːriːət/

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    [ 'pO-&t, -it also 'p ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English, from Middle French poete, from Latin poeta, from Greek poiEtEs maker, poet, from poiein to make; akin to Sanskrit cinoti he gathers, heaps up.

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