plow back

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plough back
(deyim) Re-invest money you have made into a business

We PLOUGHED BACK all the profits to grow the company.

1. Reinvestment of profits in the business that earned them.2. An amount of profits thus reinvested
plough back
If profits are ploughed back into a business, they are used to increase the size of the business or to improve it. About 70 per cent of its profits are being ploughed back into the investment programme
{i} reinvestment of profits into a business; profit reinvested into a business
plow back

    التركية النطق

    plau bäk


    /ˈplou ˈbak/ /ˈplaʊ ˈbæk/

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    (noun.) 12th century. Middle English, from Old English plOh hide of land; akin to Old High German pfluog plow.

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