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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Askeri) faz kilitli çevrim (phase locked loop)
(Askeri) tecrübi stok seviyesi (yedek parça listesi) kıta yükü listesi / onaylanmış stok listesi (prescribed load list/authorized stock level)
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Permutation of the last layer; after OLL, the rearrangement of the last layer cubies so that they are in their right places
Phase Locked Loop
(Phase Lock Loop) an Electronic circuit in digital radios that locks onto your chosen station to give clear drift free reception
A circuit which synchronizes an adjustable oscillator with another oscillator by the comparison of phase between the two signals
prescribed load list
Abbreviation for Phase Lock Loop
State of the art circuitry used in AM/FM tunners designed to capture and hold signal, eliminating station drift
Phase Locked Loop, keeps FM signals locked to their stations
  Abbreviation for phase-locked loop
Stands for Phase Locked Loop, this keeps FM signals locked on to a station
Phase Locked Loop; a type of oscillator that uses digital circuits and a precision reference signal to accurately control the frequency of the conversion oscillator A component that incorporates a PLL oscillator has the characteristics of very low levels of phase noise and high levels of frequency stability
abbr Phase Locked Loop
Phase Locked Loop keeps FM signals locked on station
Phase Lock Loop: Phase Lock Loop is a mechanism whereby timing information is transferred within a data stream and the receiver derives the signal element timing by locking its local clock source to the received timing information