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الإنجليزية - التركية
{s} tam yetkisi olan
tam yetkili (elçi)
{i} tam yetkili temsilci
{i} tam yetkili kişi
minister plenipotentiary and ambassador extraordinary tam yetkili fevkalade elçi
tam yetkili kimse
{s} tam yetkili
{s} mutlâk
(isim) tam yetkili kişi
tam yetkili elçi
ambassador plenipotentiary
(Politika, Siyaset) yetkili elçi
minister plenipotentiary
orta elçi
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A person invested with full power, especially as the diplomatic agent of a sovereign state, (originally) charged with handling a certain matter
Invested with full power
Of, or related to a plenipotentiary agent
a person fully empowered to transact any business
Given complete and total authority, or a person who has such power
{n} one invested with full power
A plenipotentiary is a person who has full power to make decisions or take action on behalf of their government, especially in a foreign country. the British Plenipotentiary to the UN conference
Containing or conferring full power; invested with full power; as, plenipotentiary license; plenipotentiary ministers
{s} authorized, qualified; has full authority, has power of attorney
If someone such as an ambassador has plenipotentiary powers, they have full power or authority to represent their country. plenipotentiaries someone who has full power to take action or make decisions, especially as a representative of their government in a foreign country
a person (esp a diplomat) invested with the full power of independent action
{i} ambassador, diplomat; official representative; delegate, messenger
An ambassador plenipotentiary or minister plenipotentiary has full power or authority to represent their country
adj Having full power A Minister Plenipotentiary is a diplomatist possessing absolute authority on condition that he never exert it
a diplomat who is fully authorized to represent his or her government
A person invested with full power to transact any business; especially, an ambassador or envoy to a foreign court, with full power to negotiate a treaty, or to transact other business
A person who has full power to do something In international law, a senior diplomatic officer commissioned to act for his or her government A minister plenipotentiary is one who by custom ranks immediately below an ambassador and is of the same rank as an envoy extraordinary
minister plenipotentiary
authorized minister, certified minister
minister plenipotentiary
A diplomatic representative ranking below an ambassador but having full governmental power and authority; a plenipotentiary
plural of plenipotentiary






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    [ "ple-n&-p&-'ten(t)-sh( ] (adjective.) circa 1645. First attested in 1645. From medieval Latin plenipotentiarius, from plenipotentia 'full powers', from plenipotens, from plēnus (“full”) + potentia (“power”).

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