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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} çok düşük ücret

Çok düşük ücretle çalışır. - He works for a mere pittance.

{i} çok az ücret
çok düşük vergin
acınacak miktarda az vergin
{i} az sayı
{i} bağış (dini)
{i} çok az miktar
dini bağış
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A small allowance of food and drink; a scanty meal
A meagre allowance of money or wages

So I went to keep house with him at the Why Not? and my aunt sent down my bag of clothes, and would have made over to Elzevir the pittance that my father left for my keep, but he said it was not needful, and he would have none of it.

A small amount
any small portion or meager allowance
{n} a small allowance, a little portion
An allowance of victuals over and above bread and wine Anthony du Pinet, in his translation of Pliny, applies the term over and over again to figs and beans The word originally comes from the people's piety in giving to poor mendicants food for their subsistence (Probably connected with pietas Monkish Latin, pietancia; Spanish, pitar, to distribute a dole of food; pitancero, one who distributes the dole, or a begging friar who subsists by charity )
A meager portion, quantity, or allowance; an inconsiderable salary or compensation
emphasis If you say that you receive a pittance, you are emphasizing that you get only a very small amount of money, probably not as much as you think you deserve. Her secretaries work tirelessly for a pittance. a very small amount of money, especially wages, that is less than someone needs or deserves earn/be paid a pittance (pitance , from pietas; PITY)
an inadequate payment; "they work all day for a mere pittance"
an inadequate payment; "they work all day for a mere pittance
An allowance of food bestowed in charity; a mess of victuals; hence, a small charity gift; a dole
extra serving of food,money, or wine, received by each monastic to celebrate a festive occasion
{i} small allowance, small financial stipend
pittance payment
A meager monetary allowance, wage, or remuneration. A very small amount
plural of pittance