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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Bilgisayar) resim

Bu, onun kendi çizimi olan bir resimdir. - This is a picture of her own painting.

Resimde herkes gülümsüyor. - Everyone is smiling in the picture.

الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A member of an ancient people of northern and central Scotland
{n} a person that has the body painted over
One of an ancient people of northern Britain. They remained undefeated by the Romans and in the ninth century joined with the Scots to form a kingdom later to become Scotland. Any member of an ancient people of what is now eastern and northeastern Scotland. The name (from Latin picti, "painted") referred to their body painting or tattooing. They were probably descended from pre-Celtic peoples. They attacked Hadrian's Wall in 297 and warred constantly with the Romans. They united their two kingdoms by the 7th century and converted to Christianity, and in 843 Kenneth I, king of the Scots, included them in the kingdom of Alba, later Scotland
Another file format that can be used in a number of different graphics programs For guidance on when and where to use different formats, use the navigation bar to jump to the Tips section
A graphics file format used primarily on Macintosh® computers
A standard file format for exchanging graphics or image information
A Macintosh file format that is used to display and save images Save a PhotoShop image as a PICT to open it in a video or animation program (but not for color separation)
In the same way the TEXT format is universally compatible with every application, the PICT format is recognized by every Macintosh program that handle pictures You can use PICTs in Carnet's printing templates
A standard data format in which most Macintosh illustrations are encoded PICT data can be created, displayed on the screen, and printed by routines incorporated in the Macintosh system
A bitmap image format used by Mac computers
A less common image file format See BMP, JPEG, GIF and TIFF
(n ) A file format designed originally for the Macintosh, though other machines can read it Characteristic of graphics programs coded in QuickDraw
Pronounced "Pick,t " It is another image format
A graphics file format used primarily on Macintosh computers PICT files can contain both object-oriented and bit-mapped graphics There are two types: PICT I and PICT II PICT II is the current standard and supports color up to 24-bit
PICT is an image file format that is used primarily for screen-oriented graphics (most commonly in a Macintosh environment) Despite the fact that the file architecture is capable of supporting the full content of very detailed graphic files, it is not used as a standard for laying out print documents
A file-format for encoding both bitmapped and object-oriented graphical images
A primarily Macintosh format, often used for graphic file interchange between Macintosh applications but less support exists on other systems PC suffix pic/ pict
A Macintosh specific image file format
format was developed by Apple Computer in 1984 PICT files can include vector or bit-mapped images and are supported by all graphics programs that run on Macintosh computers PICT files are not usually used on the Web
Acronym for a picture file format developed by Apple Computer, Inc for use on Macintosh computers Used as an intermediary file format for both color and black-and-white images, PICT is used to transfer graphics between different applications
Default image file format for macintosh users Windows user's format is usually 'BMP' or Bitmapped image
standard format for Macintosh, can contain both vector and bitmap information; maximum colors = 16 7 million
Another type of image format A PICT file can contain black and white, color, or grayscale information, as can a TIFF or EPS file A PICT image uses a language called QuickDraw to render the graphic QuickDraw is limited in precision and cannot contain complex curves or special text effects, making a PICT image a bad choice for imagesetting to film or plate A PICT file is acceptable for laser printer or low resolution output
A graphics file format widely used among Macintosh graphics and page-layout applications as an intermediary file format for transferring files between applications
A common Macintosh image file format See: PICT file format (Webopaedia)
(PICTure) The primary Macintosh graphics file format It holds QuickDraw vector images, bitmapped images and text and is the Mac counterpart to the Windows Metafile (WMF) format When PICT files are converted to the PC, they use the PCT file extension
A graphic file format developed by Apple Computer Inc that can store object-oriented or bitmap images
Apple's format for displaying 72 dpi bitmapped graphics PICT data is one element of an EPS file, allowing PostScript data to be viewed on screen




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    [ 'pikt ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English Pictes, plural, Picts, from Old English Pihtas, from Late Latin Picti.

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