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One who perceives something

As anatomy, physiology and, later, psychology have developed into more or less well-organized sciences, they have necessarily and rightly come to incorporate the study of, among other things, the structures, mechanisms, and functionings of animal and human bodies qua percipient.

One who has perceived a paranormal event

In the course of investigating the haunting, I interviewed several percipients.

Having the ability to perceive, especially to perceive quickly
Perceiving events only in the moment, without reflection, as a very young child

Over time children advance from the percipient stage to the perceptive stage, in which they begin to reflect on the significance of events.

one who or that which perceives
{a} perceiving, able to perceive, quick
quick to notice and understand things = perceptive (present participle of percipere; PERCEIVE)
{s} apprehensive, keen, understands quickly; astute, discerning, distinguishing
One who, or that which, is percipient
characterized by ease and quickness in perceiving; "clear mind"; "a percipient author"
Having the faculty of perception; perceiving; as, a percipient being
Having the ability to perceive, especially with keenness



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    /pərˈsəpēənt/ /pɜrˈsɪpiːənt/

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    [ -&nt ] (noun.) 1662. From Latin percipient-, root of percipiens, present participle of percipio (“to perceive”)