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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Serving as a place of punishment
Subject to punishment; punishable
Of, or relating to punishment
{a} inflicting or denouncing punishment, relating to the punishment of crimes
{s} of or pertaining to punishment, disciplinary; punishable; used as a place for punishment
A penal institution or colony is one where criminals are kept as punishment. imprisoned on an island that has served as a penal colony since Roman times
Penal means relating to the punishment of criminals. director-general of penal affairs at the justice ministry. penal and legal systems
subject to punishment by law; "a penal offense"
Inflicted as punishment; used as a means of punishment; as, a penal colony or settlement
serving as or designed to impose punishment; "penal servitude"; "a penal colony"
of or relating to punishment; "penal reform"; "penal code
Incurring punishment; subject to a penalty; as, a penalact of offense
subject to punishment by law; "a penal offense" serving as or designed to impose punishment; "penal servitude"; "a penal colony" of or relating to punishment; "penal reform"; "penal code
of or relating to punishment; "penal reform"; "penal code"
Of or pertaining to punishment, to penalties, or to crimes and offenses; pertaining to criminal jurisprudence Enacting or threatening punishment; as, a penal statue; the penal code
penal colonies
plural form of penal colony
penal colony
A colonial territory used (mainly) for the detention and forced labor of deportees, typically where free labor is desperately scarce

Entire countries started as penal colonies, such as French Guyana.

penal notice
A warning endorsed on a court order, notifying the recipient that he or she is liable to committal to prison for breach of the order
penal action
criminal act, criminal offense
penal code
The penal code of a country consists of all the laws that are related to crime and punishment. A body of laws relating to crimes and offenses and the penalties for their commission. a set of laws and the punishments for not obeying those laws
penal code
collection of criminal laws, code of crimes and punishments
penal code
the legal code governing crimes and their punishment
penal colony
a penal institution where prisoners are exiled (often located on an island from which escape is difficult or impossible)
penal colony
location where convicts are sent to serve out their sentence (e.g. Australia or the state of Georgia, U.S.A. when they were under the British Empire)
penal colony
Distant or overseas settlement established to punish criminals with forced labour and isolation from society. Such colonies were developed mostly by the English, French, and Russians. Britain sent criminals to its American colonies until the Revolutionary War; Australia was principally a penal colony from its colonization until the mid-19th century. French Guiana, site of a French penal colony, was infamous for its inhumanity; Devil's Island was still operating during World War II. Russian penal colonies were established in Siberia under the tsars but were most widely used during the Stalin era. Notorious for their harsh punishments and underfeeding, most penal colonies have now been abolished
penal institution
an institution where persons are confined for punishment and to protect the public
penal law
collection of criminal laws, code of crimes and punishments
penal offense
criminal offense, crime which can be punished
penal servitude
forced labor, labor that is given as a punishment
penal servitude
Penal servitude is the punishment of being sent to prison and forced to do hard physical work. = hard labour
Howard League for Penal Reform
a British organization which is against physical punishment and the death sentence, and wants change in international attitudes to punishment and imprisonment
extra penal
outside of the scope of criminal law
In a penal manner
through punishment, through giving a penalty
According to a penal code