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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To sell things, especially door to door
To sell illegal narcotics
To spread or cause to spread
to go about with a small stock of goods to sell
{v} to travel and retail goods
disapproval If someone peddles an idea or a piece of information, they try very hard to get people to accept it. They even set up their own news agency to peddle anti-isolationist propaganda
{f} hawk, vend, deal; distribute; sell
Someone who peddles drugs sells illegal drugs. When a drug pusher offered the Los Angeles youngster $100 to peddle drugs, Jack refused. = push + peddling ped·dling The war against drug peddling is all about cash
To do a small business; to be busy about trifles; to piddle
Someone who peddles things goes from place to place trying to sell them. His attempts to peddle his paintings around London's tiny gallery scene proved unsuccessful
To travel about with wares for sale; to go from place to place, or from house to house, for the purpose of retailing goods; as, to peddle without a license
To sell from place to place; to retail by carrying around from customer to customer; to hawk; hence, to retail in very small quantities; as, to peddle vegetables or tinware
sell or offer for sale from place to place
{s} distributed; sold
past of peddle
third-person singular of peddle
the act of selling goods for a living
Hawking; acting as a peddler
Petty; insignificant