pass through

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To transit something
To infiltrate

We passed through enemy lines in the fog.

To make something move through something else

The dough is passed through the pasta machine several times.

When an arrow passes completely through the target face and boss
travel through, go by way of; experience, endure
Transactions that are processed by First Data for statement purposes, but are not funded by First Data (i e , American Express)
cause to move through; "Pass a chemical through a solution"
pass through an enemy-line; in a military conflict
make a passage or journey from one place to another
– The flow of utility costs to customers on a dollar-for-dollar basis; no profit earned
Describing the ability to gain access to one network element through another
Lines advance moving slightly to the left to pass the other line by right shoulders to face a new line If arches are used the couples moving towards the band arch, the others drop hands
First to come, first to fall
cause to move through; "Pass a chemical through a solution
Refers to the securitization structure where the SPV makes payments, or rather, passes payments to the investors, on the same periods, and subject to the same fluctuations, as are there in the actual receivables That is to say, amount collected every month is passed through to investors, after deducting fees and expenses Compare with pay through
pass through the pikes
overcome danger, overcome risks
The act or process of passing through, especially of a signal through a device or network
through pass
(Spor) Used to get through the opposing team's defense. The attacking player passes the ball between defenders to a team member or into a space for them to move on to
{i} Internet site that provides information on a variety of topics (such as immigration, off-shore banking, citizenship laws, travel, etc.)
An operation involving a foreign country's use of one country in a trade bloc to gain preferential treatment from other countries in the bloc Also known as transshipment
A mortgage-backed security for which the payments on the underlying mortgages are passed from the mortgage holder through the servicing agent (who usually keeps a portion as a fee) to the security holder There are 3 types of pass-through securities
Expenses or a portion of expenses associated with tenancy that are "passed through" from the landlord to the tenant who then pays them
A security in which principal, interest, and prepayments are passed through to investors of the security each month, as received Mortgage collateral is held by a grantor trust in which investors own an undivided interest In accounting terms, a pass-through is treated as a sale of assets
Same as dive To enter into the electronic brain and retrieve or exchange information, or pass through the barrier
pass-through security
A security issued by the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) to mortgage investors Cash flows from the underlying block individual mortgage loans are "passed through" to the holders of the securities in pro rata share, including loan prepayments With a mortgage-backed security, the timely payment of principal and interest is guaranteed by Ginnie Mae In 1982, the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) instituted its own mortgage-backed securities program designed to attract billions of dollars into the conventional mortgage market from pension funds and other investors (See FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, mortgage-backed securities, VA loan)
pass-through security
A mortgage-backed security in which payments of principal, interest and prepayments on the underlying mortgages are passed through to investors of the security monthly, as received
pass-through security
A security that passes through payments from debtors to investors
pass-through security
Instrument representing an interest in a pool of mortgages Pass-throughs pay interest and principal on a monthly basis
{i} passage, area through which people or material can cross; small opening in a wall that is used to pass items from one room to another often used for passing food between the kitchen and dining room
rush to pass through a bill
hurry and pass a legislative proposal
pass through

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    päs thru


    /ˈpas ˈᴛʜro͞o/ /ˈpæs ˈθruː/

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    [ 'pas ] (verb.) 13th century. Middle English, from Old French passer, from Vulgar Latin passare, from Latin passus step; more at PACE.

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