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الإنجليزية - التركية
yumurtlama borusu
bazı böceklerin yumurta bırakmaya mahsus ucu sivri tüp şeklindeki uzvu
(isim) yumurtlama borusu
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A tubular protruding organ for laying eggs
The organ with which many insects and some other animals deposit their eggs
Some ichneumon files have a long ovipositor fitted to pierce the eggs or larvæ of other insects, in order to lay their own eggs within the same
The extended, egg-laying apparatus of a female insect Often mistakenly seen as a "stinger " (Hint: the longer and nastier it looks, the less likely it is a stinger )
A specialized structure in adult female insects for depositing eggs
An appendage extending from the back end or underneath an insect used for depositing eggs
A tube which, in egg laying species, protrudes from the body during spawning in order to deposit and fertilze the eggs
{i} tube-like organ for laying eggs (in many female insects); egg-laying organ in some fishes and other animals (Zoology)
The egg-laying part of the female insect Sometimes the ovipositor looks like a stinger
egg-laying tubular structure at the end of the abdomen in many female insects and some fishes
The structure a female has for laying eggs




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    () From Latin ovum (“egg”) + Latin positor (“one who deposits”).

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