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الإنجليزية - التركية
(sıfat) yumurta şeklinde
(Tıp) Bakınız: oval
{s} yumurta şeklinde
yumurta şeklindeki yumurtamsı
yumurta biçimli
half ovate
yarım ovat
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Eggshaped, with the broadest extremity near the base
Shaped like an egg
{a} nearly oval, with one end elliptical, the other narrower
Leaves oval in shape and broadest at their base
(of leaves) Having the outline of an egg with the narrow end above the middle
(in Hosta) leaves egg-shaped
Egg-shaped, broader near the base than at the tip
of a leaf shape; egg-shaped with the broader end at the base
Egg-shaped with the widest part below the middle
Egg-shaped, with the broadest part of the leaf near the base See drawing of leaf shapes
Sides curved with greatest breadth below the middle, egg-shaped Ratio = 2: 1 to 3: 2
oval in shape, with the broader end below the middle
Shaped like an egg, with the narrow end at the apex
an outline like an egg, but broadest below the middle
rounded like an egg
{s} oval, elliptical; egg-shaped; resembling an egg
Egg-shaped and widest near the base
The condition where the shape of a leaf or leaflet is widest below the middle (that is, closer to the top of the petiole)
Shaped like an egg, with the lower extremity broadest
having the lengthwise outline of an egg, widest below the middle
Egg-shaped with the broadest extremity at the base
A type of leaf shape The leaf is shaped like an egg; it is longer than it is wide and widest below the middle of the leaf [6]
Egg shaped outline with the widest part toward the base
Egg shaped in outline, narrower at the tip
Egg-shaped, with the broader end at the base
egg shaped
Egg shaped, roughly two times as long as broad, widest below the middle and tapering to a pointed tip
a flat plane with an outline similar to a longitudinal section of an egg, with the base being broader than the apex
Having the shape of an egg, or of the longitudinal sectior of an egg, with the broader end basal
Shaped like an egg; ovoid
ovate leaf
egg-shaped with the broader end at the base



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    eggshaped, ovoid


    /ˈōvāt/ /ˈoʊveɪt/

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    [ 'O-"vAt ] (adjective.) 1760. Latin ovatus

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